Live (ing) Simply

I finally finished the Live Simply quilt quilting.  68 blocks each with its own motif, to break it up a bit I used four different ones in the center. The borders were a continuous vine and leaf pattern and the black spacers have pearls.  I had to turn the quilt on the frame to do the last two borders, as I couldn’t break up the design in parts small enough to quilt vertically.  I AM going to do the binding today, black to match.

I put Frolic on the frame and chose a pantagraph for it, called Floral Whimsy.  It is big enough to not take away from the piecing and pretty enough on the back.  I’m using Superior’s King Tut “mirage” blue.  The backing is a dark blue calico wide back.

I have been steadily making more units for the Estrella quilt.  I set up my singer 404 in the long arm studio, multitasking.  The pantos on Frolic take about 85 minutes per row across.  Rather than just standing and watching, I can make a few hundred HSTs. As you may or may not be aware of, automated machines “know” when you leave the room, they are like naughty toddlers, ready to break a thread or get hung up on a seam or what have you.  I have learned my lesson about that.  I really want to finish the Frolic quilt before the Empty Spools retreat.  I’d like to show it to Bonnie Hunter, and the rest of the attendees.  Every night there is a get together in the main hall, the teachers have a presentation and then there is show and tell.  It’s like a giant trunk show.  I had thought I would finish the Estrella quilt before this, but alas no, too many pieces.

I have been steadily knitting the Humulus sweater, I have 3/4s of a sleeve left.  It goes pretty quickly, but I usually nod off, knitting can be relaxing, especially after a long day.  Looking forward to starting a new project, maybe one of the new ones I got at Stitches West.  Although I saw a scarf today that may be nice to have…

Linking up with Denise at For the Love of Geese for Put your Foot Down today.


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  1. Both are such pretty quilts and I love the quilting designs on Live Simply. I think that is great you have room you can setup and sew in the same room as your LA. Thank you for linking up today.

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