I attended Stitches West last weekend.  I go every year and meet my old friend (she’s not old in age, just friendship) and we catch up and pet the yarns.  I was going to be so resolute and NOT buy any more yarn.  Then I thought, well, maybe some lace weight yarn.  In the days before, I looked through what I have, looked for some patterns that I had, and tried to manage my  “need” to get more yarn.  I even found the bag of yarn I bought last year, full of beautiful yarn and patterns.  I did make one of those projects, to be fair.  I have been knitting a bit more lately, I finished a cable sweater for my DS, and I am almost done with a pull-over for same son.  I did some hats for Christmas and gifted a few shawls, but I only made one pair of socks this year.  I had been signing up for the Curious Handmade sock series every year, six sock patterns over six months.  But I didn’t this year, I think it is because I don’t wear them, they are too warm for our winters in California.

Getting back to the yarn about yarn, my resolve was so strong for the first aisle of vendors, then I saw a shawl/scarf that was made with a lace weight silk blend *ka-ching* into the bag it went.  I also purposely brought a small carry bag, so that I couldn’t bring home a bunch.  It was down hill from there.  I ended up with five new projects and one skien that I got because it was pretty, sock weight yarn.  So much for restraint.   It was a lovely day, hanging out in the yarn universe, with friends.

Back on planet Quilt, work is still progressing on Estella.  Just for fun I figured out how many pieces this quilt has, just over 3700.  Most are 1 inch finished, some are 2 inch finished, the pattern is written so that each part is methodically put together.  Unit by unit, then block by block.  I have two more units of 16 pieces to make, well really, 18 of each unit.  I’m glad there aren’t any borders, I think that might push me over the edge.  My machine keeps reminding me it needs service, I think I’ll finish up these last parts and then bring it in.  I am getting excited about going to Alsilomar for Empty Spools next month.  I am going to bring my Singer 401, so the Bernina can get it’s vacation then.  I am taking a class with Bonnie Hunter, to make the Emerald City quilt.  I have been collecting green fabrics ever since I found out I was taking her class.  I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get my first choice of instructor, Susan Carlson.  I would have liked to explore her collage techniques.  But I figure I can glean a few tips when we do the walk around through all the classrooms on the last day of the retreat.  Bonnies classes are supposed to be fun and I’ll be sewing up a storm with new friends.

On the long arm continent, work is progressing on the Live Simply quilt.  I am going to try to finish it this weekend, then I can get the “Frolic” quilt on it.  I want to bring it to Alsilomar to show and tell.  Wouldn’t it be great to bring the Estella quilt too?  Might be a bit of a push though.  I know I will be doing pantos on both, because of all the seam intersections, do I feel challenged?  Hmmm.