Finish line

I finished the three baby quilts yesterday and got them mailed.  I crossed the finish line at the post office when I handed over the package.  Yay! I was so busy yesterday afternoon doing things unrelated to sewing, it was like a reward for binding those three quilts in the morning.  I thought I was done sewing for the day, but I made myself work on the Frolic pieces.  I sewed “just one more” until I was done with all the cut pieces I had.  Im about 2/3rds done with clue 7.  Hard to believe I have been working on this quilt for seven weeks.  I think I average two weeks for a top finish, a little less for smaller ones a little more for larger.B809CCCB-DD46-44C5-9EDE-C3D9E6E8EB8C_1_201_a

All my block parts/pieces are in this zippered bag, funny how this is a queen sized quilt in a gallon sized bag.

One thought on “Finish line

  1. Congrats on finishing. I love it when a plan comes together and you meet a deadline. Looking forward to seeing this queen sized quilt as one piece.

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