Honey Comb

This past weekend I worked on this quilt.  The pattern is called Sweet to the Soul by Jillily Studio.  I used the Deb Sprain line “Bee Inspired” to make it. I altered it a bit, to use my fabric more efficiently.IMG_4748

Then I started putting the scraps together to form some kind of medallion quilt center.  I have a panel of 4 ½ inch squares that goes with these fabrics and I have an idea in my head that may work.IMG_4747

I am diligently working on my on-line EQ8 course.  I finished Medallion centers in November and now I working on Medallion borders this month.  The classes are easy enough, but my retention isn’t what it used to be.  I need lots of repetition, but not so much of the same thing, or I get bored and don’t focus, which leads back to the no retention thing.

Yesterday I cleaned up my work table enough to set up the embroidery module on my machine.  I made a bunch of quick towels and two reindeer candy holders.  The Reindeer are from Emblibrary and are fun to make, but about 2 ½ hours of stitching.  The candy goes inside and shows through the cut out where the belly would be.  I like Emblibrary’s designs, they are thoughtfully digitized, and easy to follow tutorials come with the” In the Hoop” projects like the deer.  Their sister company Urban Threads is equally good, with a different theme (?) or more modern trend.  I have many designs from both companies, one of these days I will catalog them and get them all together in an organized fashion.  Luckily they have all my purchased designs safe on their servers, so all I have to do is look there, and download them.  A bit easier than looking through the multitude of USB sticks I have around here.  Funny that they have replaced the floppy discs and cds that used to populate the sewing room.  I don’t know if it is better or worse, only that I need to organize them.IMG_4746

I’m still working on quilting the red and green Poinsettia quilt, it’s a slow go, only got about two hours on it this week.

Linking up with Denise at For the Love Of Geese for Put Your Foot Down  #29 today.

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  1. I love the gold’s. And the reindeer are adorable. Something else we have in common, thumb drives. I’ve worked to organize files to make it a little easier to find what I am looking for to no avail. Mostly what I have on mine are just for inspiration and each of my own patterns have their own. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

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