I feel like I’m making progress this summer, with my quilting that is.  I finished a pile of quilts, photographed them and posted them to my store.  My stack of TBQ’d tops is shrinking, although I’m about to add three to it.  Last summer we were in re-model mode, so getting anything done was difficult.  This summer seems wide open, so far.  I have a week long vacation in Oregon coming up in July, but other than that, open.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my PIQF entry.  I have three ideas that have been expanding in my minds eye.  This one started yesterday.

I have been making blocks up in EQ8 for the past few weeks, in order to use up the last of the ‘Sew Mama’ fat quarter pack I opened to make the Kaleidoscope quilt.  There is a lot left over, and it seems like I’ll be able to make at least twelve different 16 inch blocks.  My idea/reasoning is, one of my quilty pleasures is BOM’s, the Sew Mama fabric is all about quilting, I’ll design and make my own BOM. However, it’ll have to be compressed into 58 days, entry date is 8/28, minus days in OR, equals 58 working days.  Unless I like my two other ideas better, or develop them into more than an idea, it’s a plan.

Linking up with Judy at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts today for Design Wall Monday.


One thought on “Progressing

  1. I admire your work ethic–using up scraps from one quilt to launch/make another. That’s a great way to keep the scrap habit confined in the sewing room, but often another group of fabrics entices me away from that.
    I’ll be coming up for PIQF, so it’s fun to see a post or two (I read backwards in your feed) about that show. I live in SoCal, and have been looking forward to this for a while.

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