One and a Half

This week is more than half done.  My plan for finishing three tops is slowly becoming a reality, however, probably not going to be finished this coming weekend.  I got the Playdate top put together, still needs borders though.  That freed up the design wall for the Minuet blocks.  Once I got them up there though, I realized that they needed to be put on the floor to really see how they work together.  It’s scrappy, but I only used seven fabrics and white, I have to shuffle the blocks around to avoid matching pieces where they join.

Mancuso has announced the theme for this years PIQF, it’s “Quilty Pleasures”.  They are also doing a Mid Century Modern theme again (3rd Year).  Entry info and forms are here PIQF.  QP is a pretty broad category,  my pleasures are lots of pieces, color and currently, triangles.  I recently bought the pattern “Alaska” from Laundry Basket Quilts.  It’s on my list of quilts I want to make, and I have been playing around with it in EQ8.  I want it to be a little bigger, so I added two more rounds of blocks.  This would be a challenge to get done before the August 27th deadline.  More thinking will be done.


Last night I was knitting on my Sea Gleam shawl and realized that my stitch count was off by two.  Normally not a big deal, and sort of normal for me, but when it involves lace, it looks bad.  I had to pull out ten rows, about 4000 stitches, sad face. On a bright note, I have memorized the lace motif stitches.  Curious Handmade just released the second shawl in the series, “Floating”, so no rush – eye roll.

Linking up with Denise at For the love of Geese for Put Your Foot Down #6 today.


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  1. Play date is awesome. It looks so much better sewn together than it did on the wall. I love the movement and the colors.Thank you for linking up with me.

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