Quilting the quilts

I’ve been experiencing computer problems, had a bit of vacation and some general busy-ness lately.  I have been working on finishing the quilts for the Hands2Help drive.  I have five finished, although two have been hanging around here for a while, and one is on the frame waiting for binding.  I couldn’t make up my mind as to which charity I wanted to make a quilt for.  All are worthy and touch my heart for different reasons, I ended up with two for Quilty Hugs, two for Jack’s Basket, and two for Merciful Quilts.  I had already sent two to Carolina Quilts a few months ago, when Carole at From My Carolina Home first started to collect them.


Making these quilts was gratifying for me because I felt that I could do something in a positive way for people and it wouldn’t be taxing on me.  I have plenty of extra fabric, lots of ideas to try and time in which to do it.  Now that these quilts are done, I find that I am looking for my next project.  Maybe a Bonnie hunter quilt, I didn’t do the Good Fortune quilt this year, but maybe one of her other ones.  I have been wanting to do the one called Emerald City, but I’m afraid I don’t have enough greens.  I think I could do it in blues though, and call it Atlantis.  My eldest son has a friend who is getting married in the summer, he was saying something about a blue and white quilt, but not scrappy, and possibly a kaleidoscope one made with batiks.

I did whip up this little quilt (below) last week, finally used up most of these scraps.  I used my Accuquilt Go, and the pieces were cut in no time. By hand I cut a whole bunch of 1 ½ inch squares from the scraps of a different quilt too.  I am thinking I want to do a similar quilt to Bonnie Hunters Crabapple one.  It’ll be baby/crib size though, as the real one has over 800 squares in it.


Yesterday I made the next installment of blocks for the Mrs Millers Apprentice BOM.  The little one (3×3) goes in the center section of the quilt.


Last, but not least, I finished an UFO.  This one was about 18 years old, it was started and languished for a while, and restarted and finally last summer I finished a row or two and called it a done quilt top.  I had just enough backing fabric on the frame after quilting the  Rockin rectangles quilt, called “Place Your Bet”.  A scrap of batting and it was quilted in a few hours.  Its a bit off kilter, it drifts to the left a little.  I think its due to the curving pieces and maybe it wasn’t square to begin with, done is done, and its kinda pretty.


Hope you are finishing projects too.

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