Plus quilt


I made some progress on the pluses this week.  Made an additional 14 blocks and I think I need about six more.  They are fairly mindless to make, especially when using the 1 ½” strips.

The fabric that I ordered came in.  The Batik will do nicely, it’s the Snow color way, has just a hint of blue in it.  I also got the first installment of the “Mrs Miller’s Apprentice” BOM.  The pattern and the first blocks fabrics came along with a shiny new Easy Angle cutting ruler.  My current one is probably over 15 years old, so many triangles made with it through those years.  I also use it to join binding strips and borders, I have the other two bigger sizes but the 4 1/2″ one is my go to.  It has definitely seen better days though, the top flat side is a bit bumpy and the lower corner is nicked, the lines and markings have held up very well.


Speaking of useful tools, I should mention my Olfa cutter.  I got this one when I first started quilting as a hobby in 1991.  I had to buy a cutter, mat and ruler for a class I was taking in a local quilting shop near my home at the time.  I made a small Amish style/color-way double Irish chain quilt.  I remember being amazed at the ease of cutting strips and blocks.  In my previous quilting experiences we used cardboard templates and scissors.  I guess I should also mention that I was hand sewing pieces at that time, this class taught me how to use my machine too.  It was very exciting.  I think my Mom might still have that quilt, somewhere.  I have been looking at the new red Olfa cutter, and may just order one for a replacement.  Supposedly, it is designed like the first ones they made, like mine.  I have four or five other cutters, different sizes, brands, even an ergonomic one.  I always go back to my trusty old friend.

Linking up with Judy at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts for design Wall Monday today.

4 thoughts on “Plus quilt

  1. The new rotary cutters, mats and rulers don’t hold up as well as the older models. Maybe I just use them too much.
    The last ruler I had to purchase because my lines wore off, I applied a clear nail hardener that I purchased at a beauty supply. So far the lines are holding up well.
    Your plus quilt is going to be stunning.

    • Thanks for the Quilty compliment. I think the quality of newly made notions has declined too. I may just try your idea about the nail hardener, this new ruler has thinner lines than the old one.

  2. Susan Shaw says:

    I got my new ruby Olfa rotary cutter in the mail today. Go for it. I have a question – I just found your blog today – is this Plus Quilt your design? I have been looking for the pattern and cannot locate it. I’m in love with the small design. I hope your mother still has your first quilt. My “first” quilt is not finished. My first husband critized that my hand cut with ruler, plastic template (not cardboard) tracing patterns, etc and pieced by hand block was not centered – it was applique. He used a seam guage to “prove” to me that it was 1/16″ off center. The king-sized quilt is somewhere in my attic (not in his trailer). I listen to that kind of criticism for 23 1/2 years until he left. I hope you buy a new rotary cutter. Susan

    • The plus quilt is my design, but I was inspired by a similar quilt I saw made with “H” blocks, called “Summer Wedding” by Jamie Elfert at Black Cat Creations. I’m going to buy the ruby cutter, it is time.

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