Assembly line

This past week I have been working on my “tamed” version (as opposed to the Chaos version) of the batik Storm at Sea quilt. I cut most of the pieces only to realize that I didn’t have enough fabric.  I carefully did all the math and figured out I was about 3 yards short of the lightest blue.  This necessitated a trip to the LQS for more.  There was still plenty left on the bolt, although I hadn’t started sewing at that point, so getting a different one wouldn’t have mattered too much. I would have to recut the hundreds of pieces I had, but luck was on my side.

I put together a sample block, as I want to use it as a reference to make the next 48.  I sewed all nine components, and lay them out to see how it was looking, and to make sure they were all facing the right way and in the correct place.  Something didn’t look right.

The diamond in a rectangle blocks were a 1/2 inch too big.  Thankfully I had only made four of those, I need 196 of them for the double/full size quilt.  Let’s hear it for sample blocks!  I couldn’t figure out why the paper pattern was bigger, I printed them out from the same web site Quilters Cache and they worked for the first two I had done. I had printed three at home, taped them together and had them multi-copied at a local office store.  Then I realized that I didn’t measure the one inch box before I printed the page off the web.  The other parts were printed from extra papers I had left over from the first S@S I made using them.  Sigh.  My consolation is that those five other units are correctly sized.

I’ve been chain piecing the corner blocks for a few days now.  I try to do 50 a day, but realistically it’s more like thirty.  The squaring up is an extra time consuming step.  Not that I mind, because having perfectly square units and blocks is the reward.


In other doings, I got all the needed fabrics and pattern for the Forest Floor quilt.  I am hoping to get to it next.  I am thinking I need to make a list of projects that I have all the materials for, and should be making.  I’ve been having too many “Oh I forgot about this” moments when looking for other things in my stash.  I think there are at least ten, maybe I need some goals, or something.  They aren’t official UFOs, but still…

Linking up with Judy at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts for design wall Monday.  Judy is working on her Dear Jane quilt this week, check it out.