Almost done

Almost done with the Botanica quilt. I left off last night with the last outer top side border. I will be so happy to finish this quilt. It is an intensely quilted piece. Each block has multiple parts and placements, thankfully I didn’t use more than two thread colors. The q-matic upgrade makes it a bit easier to do, but at times it’s just tedious. There are the fill leaves, that are for 2 inch square blocks, which have to be flipped and spun depending on where they go. This map, supplied (thankfully) by Wasatch Quilting helps a lot. I am so ready to be done. I just want to do a quilt with a simple end to end pantograph next.

The current cross stitch project, Heaven and Nature, got a few more motifs this week. I worked on the house steps and door, the flower border and a bird on the roof. Speaking of, we were awoken this morning by the sound of these two landing on the roof, not the usual scampering squirrel sounds.

I did get all the sashing and rows put together for the queen size Aegean quilt yesterday. Now just five long seams until it’s a top. Might make this one the next long arm job. But I may just have to quilt the Reunion or A Ribbon Runs Through it quilt. Like I said above, some mindless set it up, and let it run for a row type quilting. I haven’t decided on a quilting motif for Aegean yet, I was thinking of something owl related. Of course, this would entail shopping, as I have no owls in my collection. I did get 75 new digital quilting designs from Bernina when I updated. I’ll have to look through those, there are some interesting full block ones. I have an idea to use three different ones on the three different block styles. Then the two inch wide sashing would have to have something in it. Must ruminate more.

Time to move.

Be Kind.

2 thoughts on “Almost done

  1. claire93 says:

    Botanica Park looks amazing, and I’m really in love with the fabrics for your owl quilt!
    I’m going to be slicing and starting a new patchwork project in the next few days, but it’ll be very simple using a charm pack, and I’m probably not even going to chop my squares up, just leave them all as 5″ squares.

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