Hats and Iris

I have been knitting again. I decided that this year, the immediate family is getting a hat and cash for Christmas. This is the first year “we” will be just me and DH. I think I’m okay with it, as we had a bunch of people for Thanksgiving, and I am looking forward to a mellow and un-taxing December. However, I kinda forgot about gift giving for the month of November. I have a goal to get all the hats out the door by 12/10. For the niblings (nieces and nephews) I usually do candy and cash, so that will have to be done soon too. I’d rather knit than shop, even online shopping is a chore lately.

The Iris in the title is for Chilhowie, I started this years Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt. She was inspired by the colors of Iris and her local in Virginia. Iris are my favorite flower, I have many different colors and varieties in my gardens, but I especially like the repeat blooming ones. This blue one has three more flower stems going, hoping for flowers by the Solstice. Ah, the beauty of living in a zone 9 planting area. I am busily making nine patches and four patches. The colors this year are orange, purple, and aqua, with neutral white.

Since we had company last week, I didn’t start on time, but I am hoping to be finished with these before Fridays #2 clue release. I am using mostly stash, although I did order some more aqua and orange fabric during the (month long) Black Friday sales. Three of the last BH quilts I made, Grand illusion, Ringo Lake and Frolic, made a big dent in the aqua drawer of scraps. Likewise, Grassy Creek, Appalachian Autumn, and Spider and the Fly, used up most of the oranges. Purples and whites I am good on though.

I did manage a little bit of stitching on Turkey Bay, There is most of a pilgrim and the boat/barge is done. Two years ago, I got to visit the actual Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts. My DH was disenchanted by the experience, as it is a rock that someone marked 120 years or so after the landing of the Mayflower. Also it was moved to shore, and had a portico erected over it, people used to chip off pieces for souvenirs too. Who knows if it is the actual rock or not?

Be Kind.