Last week, I worked on the Reunion quilt top. I had a few squares that were misplaced and I fixed them. After correcting the mistake, I hung the top on my design wall and compared it to the picture. I found another mistake, all four inner corners were not right. Unsewed them and resewed them. Okay. I lay the top on the floor, and spot checked it again, damn. Another two turned blocks, I fixed them and then attached the four next corners. Quality control drove by, and pronounced it “perfect”. I folded the top and put it on the shelf for another week, when I want to put the final borders on. Now I am afraid to look at the other BOM I have been working on, the Ribbon Runs Through quilt. I know I still have blocks to make, I just hope it will go a bit more smoothly than the Reunion.

Inner square, without final corners and borders.

In between bouts of hair-pulling frustration sessions, I finished the Star Wars quilts, quilted the Street fair quilt and a top I call Dragons and Dungeons. Once these were done, I started working on a commissioned baby quilt. It is the same design I made about a year ago, the double Irish chain with the teddy bears peeking out. Then maybe take the Ribbon Runs through it quilt out and see what needs doing. I just got a notice that the next installment of Message in a bottle BOM is shipping. All this work keeps me out of trouble for sure. It seems like work, but I am very happy to have those four quilts out the door.

Last week I ordered a piece of linen for the Thanksgiving cross stitch project, Turkey Bay. It came in, but I think it is too blue, so I’m going to stick to the light tan I originally pulled for it. There are stitches of blue waves, and they get lost on the blue linen. It is a pretty blue though.

It was a busy week, I am hoping to keep the momentum up, there are a few rainy days in the forecast next week, my favorite days to stay in and sew. Plus there is that “extra” hour in my day now. I put the Snowy quilt top on the frame, so that’s my main goal. I am thinking of using a snow flake pantograph, and possibly metallic thread. So many options.

Be Kind.