Hey! Look over there…

I started to name this post ‘Sidetracked’, but that’s a story of my life, and it’s long, or short, or just many chaptered.

I finished putting the Washboard Road quilt top together and stepped back to look at it. Something wasn’t right. As in it didn’t resemble the picture on the cover.

If you notice the pattern shows the colored strips meeting on the edges of the blocks, mine don’t. The pattern calls for making two different blocks, one the mirror image of the other. I started out with making A and B, blocks, there are 72 of each. Then for some reason I over-thought it and changed all the B’s into A’s. Not only did I mess up the pattern, but I had to rip and resew 72 blocks to do it. It was a little frustrating, I put the top on the sideboard for a few days. Then thought, well maybe if I rotated every other block it would work. Nope, I only had to unsew one corner to see that the only way to make it like the pattern, was to flip every other block to its backside. I actually thought about resewing them together like that, with the wrong sides up every other block. I’m so creative LOL. No, it wouldn’t work for me, and I didn’t want to unsew all the extra blocks and resew them correctly into B blocks. So I put the corner back on and will apply border and call it done. I achieved the ombre fade that I was looking for though, so not a total fail. I am thinking of calling it ‘teal lightening’ because that’s what it reminds me of.

I started a new quilt yesterday, it is from the Schnibbles book by Carrie Nelson, called Roundabout. I had two charm packs and a bit of yardage of coffee themed fabric. I got it on sale at Nancy’s Notions last year, and it was time to use it. This pattern is made for 5″ charms, and it has a partial seam involved but it goes together pretty quickly. There are 25 blocks in the one in the book, but since I had two packs, I decided to make 36 blocks. Got everything cut and the chisel parts sewn together yesterday. I made two blocks just to see how they turn out. I will make more today, I am trying to work out an assembly line process. Sewing each part 34 times, I won’t be able to chain stitch the first step, because of the partial seam, but after that it’ll be smooth sailing.

In cross stitch land, the X’s are happening. I have made a bit of progress on Changed world, a small amount on Newcastle Bouquet (a flower petal) and I have another new start. I started this free project from Aurifil, designed by Susan Ache called She Set her Sails. I want to make it into a little pillow as a gift, its done on 18 count Aida, and pretty simple. I’m using DMC, not Aurifil floss, because that’s what I have. I have it set up by the longarm, as a side project while the computer stitches. Speaking of that, I finished the quilting on the Catkin Panel quilt Sunday. I was thinking I would quilt it by the block, putting one of two designs on each block. I talked myself out of that, and went with an all over meandering paw print. The binding will go on that this weekend I think.

Be Kind.

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