Monday happenings

Last week I made some progress on my Cats in the Stars quilt. Yep, I named it too, my DH commented that the cats all look happy, and thought Happy Cats was a good name, but then said “When have you ever seen a happy cat?” true. I have 7 more green chain blocks to make to get this in the to-be-quilted pile as a top. The chain blocks take a bit longer to make than the star ones, but I am developing a chain piecing rhythm. I am hopeful that I have enough black yardage to finish them. I have about an half yard left, with all the triangles and long rectangles cut for the remaining blocks.

This weekend was exciting around here too. Exciting in that it became quiet. For the past two weeks I had been watching my friends dog, Layla (she’s a Havanese). Along with my two dogs and my DD’s dog, we’ve been out numbered by dogs. My DD and her dog moved out on Saturday, and Layla went home on Sunday. It is a very peaceful Monday morning here, Ahhhh.

With the new vacancy in my home, a new possibility opens for sewing studio expansion. I am thinking of moving my Longarm to the room (den TV room) adjacent to DD’s former bedroom and making the bedroom my new sewing studio. I keep thinking how great it would be to have the Longarm in the same area as my sewing room/stash/stuff. I could sew and quilt at the same time, productivity would increase! Currently my Longarm is in a different area of my house, far from the sewing room. The only thing that is stopping me is the daunting task of disassembling the frame and computer system. When I bought my set up, the dealer sent his technician to deliver and set it all up. When I got the robotics, I did the switchover myself. It took me two days, as there was a modification that had to be made to the frame to hold the machine that drives the belts and machine head. I think the hardest part was getting the tension on the belts correct, and mounting the computer screen (insert expletive). My DS and his wife are coming to visit later this summer, they would be the perfect helpers too. The wheels are turning…

I have been dedicating hours to the Newcastle Bouquet cross stitch project. I have had to use the magnifier for all the stitching on this as it is forty count linen. I can honestly say that in the future, I will not attempt anything this small. While I stitch, I feel like I’m accomplishing so much, the stitches look like they are 1/4 inch in size, then I move the magnifier and they are so tiny, 1/32″. It looks so pretty though, the shading of the over-dyed thread really gives the design depth.

I have made a bit of progress on the Tulip block for the Halloween Figs BOM too. I need to get the pumpkin seed blocks prepped for an upcoming trip. They will be busy work on the plane ride east.

Off to piece in the ☮️ today.

Linking up with Judy at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts for Design Wall Monday.

Be Kind.

4 thoughts on “Monday happenings

  1. Ruth L. says:

    I know how you feel about swearing off the high-count linen. Now imagine it as black rather than the natural color you used. My experience amounted to a small stitch-over-one bird but was only a small percentage of the overall stitch-over-two design. The end result was amazing but I thought the effort was going to cost me my vision.

    • lol, I keep thinking about the ‘Madeleine’ kids story, where no one wants to make black lace. I recently got some 18 ct Aida for a sampler, I think will be next in the queue.

  2. AnnieO says:

    Very dynamic colorway with your quilt blocks. Fingers crossed your black fabric holds out.
    I know I would need magnifiers too with linen that fine–it sure looks gorgeous stitched!
    Any chance the dealer would move the longarm? It does sound like a daunting task. Hope it works out either way!

    • Thanks, I’m just trying to use up the coordinating fabrics from the Catkin line, they go so well together. My dealer is not offering that type of service anymore, he keeps hinting at retiring lol. My son is very mechanically inclined (he gets it from me) so I know that together we can do it.

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