First week in April

I fully intended to gets lots of things done this week. It’s Thursday and I have made two 12 inch blocks and got a machine embroidered block done. Oh… I bought some fabric too.

They still need embroidery and embellishment, this is the Simple Days BOM from Elefantz

Where has the week gone? Monday was a yard work day. Tuesday was laundry and various chores, I did the machine embroidery done that day. Wednesday was Vaccine day. Which brings us to today, I really want to get started on the Hands2Help quilts. I have been working on the Pet All the Dogs sampler everyday, now that it is off the frame, it is much easier to do all the little bits and change threads. I think I have the rest of the dogs on the lower border and the rest of the flowers around the border. I finished all the green stems yesterday, so close to being done. I wanted to give myself some incentive to finish, I bought a set of shorter stretcher bars for the Strawberry Fields stitchery that I want to do next. I was a little shocked at how small it is 6″ x 9″, my linen is 12″ x 18″, I think this one will go a bit faster than the PATD. There are probably the same number of stitches in the whole thing as there are in the house from PATD. Then I have to decide whether I want to do Heaven and Nature Sing, or the Pilgrims Progress. These are kitted up and ready to stitch too. Who knows what else I will “have to have”, there are so many cross stitch things to do. Perhaps I should stop watching the Floss tubes…

My fabric acquisition was on a whim. I had to drive an hour east to get my shot yesterday, and on the way home I came to the exit for the semi-local quilt/sewing store. I made the exit after a little wavering, as I really didn’t need anything, but I like to support them. I headed over to the new fabric section and saw this pretty humming bird print. It is digitally printed, it’s an ‘In the Beginning’ fabric, there were a few others, whales and birds and animals, all very colorful and beautiful. I may just hang this on my design wall to look at for a while. The colors are so vibrant, I’m not sure if regular Bella/Kona solids will complement them. The fabric has almost a statin finish, it may go with the Big Dream panel I have. The halloween fabrics will be made into something, those prints are cute, and easy to work with.

Three days left of the week, I should get moving.

Be Kind.

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  1. See, you were just being a good citizen and supporting a business. You should get a medal for that kind of dedication! LOL. Pretty things all around.

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