Bees in a box

In case you were wondering, the bees have a new home. My neighbors bee keeping friend came by on Saturday and gently persuaded the swarm into this box. It was fascinating to watch, and after a few hours, they had all settled down into their new home.

I was busy inside (safely) sewing together the Evolution top. I’m happy with the way it turned out. Only one or two spots where colors meet, but I’m leaving it.

I worked some more on getting the strip sets cut into units for Hampton Court. I sewed units together into rows too, I’m making a queen size top and they are long. This week I’m planning on getting them together into quilt sections, 7 strips sewn together. I think it would be too unwieldily to try to sew all the rows (49?) at one time. Plus I want to avoid the stretching and warping that may occur.

I started quilting the Garden City quilt too. I decided to do an all over diamond pattern for the center, and will probably do ruler work in the two borders.

This coming week I have another commissioned baby quilt to do. I ordered the fabric Friday, so I am hoping it’ll be here soon. The store is in Utah, so we’ll see. The fabric I ordered from Joann’s is having a jaunt around the state, it made it to Hayward, but for some reason, it then made a hard 180 to Tracy, ah FedEx ground so special. I am supposed to get more fabric delivered today, from Nancy’s Notions. They were having a sale, I got some cute coffee themed charms and coordination yards. I also want to start making plans for this years Hands 2 Help quilts.

I did a little shopping for Cross stitch supplies, bought some linen, two charts and some thread. One of the charts is for a Long Dog Sampler design called Pilgrims Progress. I am going to use one color thread for it, it calls for 300 meters of it. Since DMC and Weeks Dye Works are 8 yard skeins, that would get a bit pricey. I am going to try 12wt Aurifil thread, I got a pretty medium blue and it was less than ten dollars for 350 yards. Using it one thread over two strands with the 36 count linen.

Be Kind.

4 thoughts on “Bees in a box

  1. claire93 says:

    so pleased to see the bees have a new home ^^
    My husband has a hive (only got his bees last summer) and is enjoying spending time outside as thye become more active after winter and head off each day for pollen.
    Your up-coming project looks like it’ll keep you amused for many an hour! Should look very pretty in blue!

    • I wish I could have them stay, I am fascinated by them. They are at my neighbors though, so I can see them visit my garden flowers and say hello. The Pilgrims Progress is third in the queue, it’s like a full coverage stitchery, something that may be even further down the queue for me.

    • Yeah, I wear progressives all the time, but I was gifted a lighted magnifier by my sons this week for my Bday. I excited to try it out –
      Thanks for the “luck” all my fabric came yesterday. Seems like as long as it is shipping from west of the rockies, delivery is fast, not from TX though.

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