Plans and Patterns

The best laid plans…

I waver between liking quilting patterns and free form quilt making. Maybe because I can get lost both ways. The Evolution quilt top is almost a top, I web stitched it vertically together. I was able to put most of it on my design wall, I had to use the wall sideways on a chair, but it help most of the pieces. The lower third were on the floor, and I remembered to keep the door closed, so the dogs only walked through it once. This pattern-less quilt went through three different design attempts, it is much different than my original idea, but the colors are the same. Sadly, the main reason I started this was to use up the Arctic charm pack. I think I’ll just make something simple with that, maybe a disappearing 4 patch. I want to sew the rows on this one together this weekend. First I have to fix that errant HST in the second row.

I got side tracked when the Essex Linen for the Hampton Court QAL got here. I had already cut the fat quarter bundle into the proper sized pieces called for in the pattern. Just had to cut the solid, easy strip piecing ahead. I didn’t end up liking the linen color, Sierra, with the Laundry Basket Sequoia prints, it was a bit too pink. No worries though, since I ordered a bit (ahem) too much, I can use it on the backing of one of two other quilt kits I have in the queue. I started cutting the brown strips, only to discover that I had been looking at the wrong page/chart. I cut about 30 strips for the separate piecing version, not the size for the strip piecing version that I wanted to do. At least they are the right size, so I’ll be doing both versions of piecing this pattern requires. I figure, this way the fabrics will be sufficiently mixed and I will experience the fun of making a half and half quilt.

Was watching a FlossTube video the other day and the hostess was talking about her stitching WIPs. She had 41, FORTY ONE. I guess its possible to get that backed up, especially if that’s your main hobby, but really? I’m about half way done with ‘Pet All The Dogs’ to date, and I have two projects kitted up and waiting for me when it’s done. ‘Strawberry Fields’ and ‘Heaven and Nature’, SF is pretty small, and H&N is a medium size sampler.

I’ve seen a couple of cute smalls or minis lately, but I’m strangely not interested in actually starting any thing new. I have, however, found a few new charts on Etsy, that I might have to have.

I have to remember I am a quilter first. Yep.

Linking up with Denise today for Put Your Foot Down #91 at For the Love Of Geese.

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