Binding things (up)

I got some things finished yesterday, including bindings on two quilts. My morning goal was to get the blocks for the serpentine string quilt put together. I got the columns done, four more seams to do today, I’m contemplating a stirring border for it, which would really finish up my pile of strings. I feel like the top is just floating, but I’m getting a little tired of string piecing. I did get to do another three rows of fan quilting on the second farm charm quilt, and ended my day with a little roofing of the house from “Pet All the Dogs”. The roof stitching feels like it is taking a bit longer, I’m using variegated thread and one is “supposed to” stitch each cross singly to get a more visible variation of the thread color. I am slow to get the rhythm of it though. I’m looking forward to doing one of the smaller motifs on this sampler, this house is 95 stitches across and about 70 tall, lovin’ the 32 count linen, lol.

Yesterday I got the backing for the tee shirt quilt cut and re-pieced, now it is wide enough. There are lots of little minky fluffs floating around the sewing room today. I pieced the backing with three center stripes of burgundy and blue, I must remind myself to load it sideways. Sideways loading prevents the humps of seams that develop when rolling the backing onto the frame. The humps can mess with the tension of the backing (especially stretchy minky) and in turn make a mess of it. I have three more rows of baptist fan quilting on the Farm Charm 2 quilt, then I can get to the tee shirt. I’d really like to have this off my to-do list.

Linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict today for Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? today. Then I am off to sew on this rainy morning.

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