Yesterday was border day. I finished the final borders on the BOM Botanica. They were relatively easy, because I had made the pieced blocks in the corners at the beginning of the BOM. In fact I had forgotten about them, and when the pattern read “use the blocks made in month 3” I admit I had a small panic attack. But they were there, in the bin of all the things Botanica. I have a small pile of scraps left from this top, they will join the scraps that live in the 365 block project bin (2017 UFO).

I got the borders on the Savannah quilt, simple enough at 6 inch wide. I like how it frames the quilt top, keeping it soft looking. The Zebra print binding will look cute too.

Next up was Farm Charm top #1. I had four of the animal prints left from the panel, and I wanted to use them in the border. They were two horizontal and two vertical prints, 5 x 7 -ish in size. I used a scrap of paper (old school) to figure out how to use them and with a few rechecks, a bit of pinning and partial seeming, I got it to work. The Farm Charm #2 top has to wait until Monday for its borders, as the fabric isn’t here yet. I am planning on a red inner border and the same print as #1 for the outer border. That top needed something to separate the whiteness of the blocks and the white background of the border. I am hoping I have enough to use for a binding too.

Also, I got the December Halloween figs BOMs done. I still have to finish the appliqué one from November, but lately my hand stitching is cross stitching. I have been making headway on the Cat Head. The real name of the pattern is “bright eyes”, but Cat Head is more descriptive for now.

Today is Christmas Eve. I have all my gifts made, wrapped, given/sent/received. I didn’t send any cards this year. Kinda lost faith in the PO to deliver, and got a bit lazy, finally rationalized that I was helping the PO by not giving them any more stuff to deliver this month. I am seeing year end tallies on blogs I read and I’m starting to do an inventory of my own. I updated my master Quilt list and I am up to 265 lifetime quilts, give or take a few. I learned how to quilt in 1984, hand sewing, using cardboard templates, I made a pillow out of my patchwork. In 1991 I took my first modern quilting class and made an Irish chain baby quilt using a rotary cutter and ruler. I know my mom still has the quilt, not sure what happened to the pillow though.

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