Xmas UFO &

I worked this week on finishing the Christmas table runner, the Bonnie Hunter Grassy Creek clue, more napkins, and a little tidying up the sewing room.

The table runner was a bit of a challenge, because of the age of it. Luckily when I put it away, I folded up the embroidery design spec sheets and some of the fabrics I used for the appliqué ornaments. The paper patterns have a date of 12/31/2006 on them. I think that was around the time I had a different brand machine and I know it was different software (Embird). So this gave me a time frame in which to look for the designs, and they were on one of the CDs I have. I even labeled the folder “ornaments”, so organized back then. One other stroke of luck was that the designs were in a format which my current machine recognizes. Once all that was figured and the designs loaded on to the machine, it was easy to finish the runner. It needs a little pressing and a bit more of the stabilized removed and its good to go.

While I had the embroidery unit set up I made another set of napkins for our house. These are a little bit fancier than the ones I made for my son, they have hemstitching. My DH was a little skeptical about using them, so I gave him the eco-friendly spiel and he’s on board now. I found this basket hanging around in my sewing room, looking for another job, and it seems the perfect size to keep on the sideboard to hold all the napkins. I recently saw a tutorial on the We All Sew blog, on how to make a basket liner. This weekend I may just make it up fancy.

The second Grassy Creek clue was finished up at 8pm last night. Lots of trimming, but they are square and in their sets. This weeks clue is do-able, time to put away the gold and break out the reds.

I did a bit of tidying up, I am trying to do a drawer or a shelf a day. My wire drawers are stuffed and hard to remove, so I started with a batik collection in one of them. Took it all out, refolded some, culled the cut scraps and did a general mental inventory of what’s in there. The top of this drawer unit has a collection of books and patterns and magazines on it, it’s a little more organized now too. I need to put up some more artwork above it now :).

Linking up today, with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for “Can I get A Whoop Whoop?” today.

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