Thirteen Years?

According to WordPress, it is my 13th anniversary with them. I was a bit confused by this, since my first post here was November 7th 2012. Maybe it’s the thirteenth year of following on WordPress, that makes much more sense. This blog started it out as a sort of journal to record my quilting projects. The first few years there were sporadic posts, but now I seem to have a rhythm going, this is my 308th post.

I have another thing to celebrate today. I finished stitching this cross stitch project, started in late 1995, so 25 years in the making. It still needs to be blocked and pressed, but it’s done. Now to get it framed. I think I am going to get a round cut mat, maybe green and a square wooden frame. I did “find” two other UFO cross stitch projects recently, but I had promised myself that when I finished the floral wreath, I could work on the “Pet all the Dogs” sampler. I may not get to it until January though.

On the design wall this week was the Farm Charm quilt I made. I had a honey bun, a layer cake, a panel and a few yards of the collection Farm Charm by Gingiber/Moda. I saw this quilt kit over at the Fatquarter shop, and I thought it would work for these fabrics too.

I didn’t do the red center squares, but used 6″ squares of prints. I liked the secondary designs made by the blue, green and pink. So I subbed in the turquoise for the green and red for the pink, and used the floral print for the blue. I had a bunch of Marshmallow white that matched the white in the Farm Charm, so it worked out.

Notice in the top right photo, a bit of ripping and re-sewing was required. I think it needs some borders, maybe a three inch floral, to contain all the HSTs. I have the honey bun left over and a good portion on the layer cake left. I looked through the other patterns posted for this line, there were a few that would work to use up the rest. Especially the panel, which is all different sized animals.

I also saw this quilt, as I have a panel and charm pack from this line, Savanna, too. I like the elongated geese in the center, maybe I could use the charm squares. It looks to me like they are geese with two squares sewn on each end. I could cut each 5 inch square into four half square triangles and two 2 ½ inch squares.

Then all I would have left in the Gingiber pile of stash, would be the cats. The Cat panel is a lot like the ones from the Thicket line. I don’t think they would make a very good baby quilt, as cats aren’t really on the top of anyones nursery theme list. While looking through the many Thicket quilt examples on Pinterest, I came across this one, by Ruth at Ye Olde Sweatshop . (Great blog name:)

She uses an African print, some of the Thicket line fabrics and HST’s to frame the animal squares, I really like the way it makes it seem more adult worthy. I have a print that might work in my stash.

One last exciting (?) thing for this week, I picked up my L890 Bernina serger/coverstitch machine yesterday. I haven’t sewn with it yet, but got it all set up and plugged in. It is ready to go, I think the first thing I’m going to make is pajamas, maybe even later today.

Linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict today for Can I get a Whoop Whoop Friday. She just finished a giant postage stamp Christmas quilt for her own bed, it’s so pretty.

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  1. I long to add a serger back to my flotilla. But with a new long arm, maybe a serger isn’t necessary just right now. LOL! Can’t wait to see your first project.

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