I (heart) HSTs

I started on the Grassy Creek Mystery quilt yesterday. The first clue was for gray and gold HSTs. Luckily, I have an Accuquilt die in just the right size. I cut the all triangles in about an hour and a half. Sewed them together a bit later in the day, and ironed them after dinner. I didn’t have to trim them, as they all turned out perfect (lol).

I tried to get the Good Times quilt on to the frame, but the puppy was helping too much. I was able to get the backing pinned on, but then the puppy discovered the pile of batting pieces. Playing “chase me” ended the quilt prepping. Today is another day.

I’m itching to start another project. I found four more Gingiber animal prints, while shopping the stash for the GCMQ. I really like the Thicket quilt, and would like to make another. Although, I did just purchase a quilt kit that will be here next week. It is called Reflected Harmony by Kaye England.

I think its a pretty pink quilt, and it is Accuquilt friendly. I also have the other pink quilt, the Panama Star quilt kit, that I got for Connecting threads. Perhaps 2021 will be the year of the pink quilts?

I have to confess that I did a little Black Friday shopping yesterday, at Accuquilt. They had a buy one get one half off sale. I got two 8 inch Block on Board dies, Winding Ways and Snail Trail. What I like about these two dies is that they accommodate a ten inch square of fabric. This makes for very little sub-cutting of fabric before running it through the cutter. The dies are constructed so that the pieces are all together. Some of the larger Block on Board dies aren’t like that, the pieces are spread out, so in order not to waste a lot fabric, you have to sub cut the fabric to cover the blades of the pieces on the die. It probably has to do with the grain of the fabric, the manufacture of the dies and curves and such. Looking back through this post, it seems like an endorsement for Accuquilt cutters, it’s not meant to be, (no links) I just enjoy using it when I can. I managed not to buy any more fabric or yarn yesterday though. Yay Me!

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4 thoughts on “I (heart) HSTs

  1. In seriously thinking about getting those accuquilt dies. I’ve not used my accuquilt nearly enough and watching you and others use them for Grassy Creek Quilt is inspiring me to.

  2. My favorite ones are the HST’s and the Strip cutters. With the 3″ finished one, I can cut 24 triangles in one pass, no dog ears either 🙂

  3. I caved on the Black Friday Accuquilt sale too! A splurge since I also caved on the Mariner’s Compass die when it launched earlier in the month (I’m a sucker for a good BOB die!). I too like it when a quilt design proves to be die cut friendly. I hadn’t thought about using pre-cut layer cake squares when possible — hmmm, I think that will work on the Churn Dash die too. I have done charms on the 1-1/2″ squares die though.

    • Sadly, they were out of the mariners compass when I looked/shopped. My carpel tunnel syndrome is acting up in my cutting hand, so I look for ways to make less work for it. Another tip, I write the size for the fabric needed to cover the die blades on the die. My 3 ½” triangles die takes a 9 x 4 piece of fabric to cover it, I wrote 9×4 on the foam.

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