Quilt as desired

I finished quilting the Alaska quilt yesterday. It went fairly well, and fast. I timed one row of the pantograph at 24 minutes, 9×24=216 about three and a half hours. Add about thirty minutes for a few thread breaks and other operator errors to make it four hours. Going to get the binding cut today, I haven’t decided on whether to use the backing fabric scraps or the top fabric scraps. *edit* Went with fabric from top, 410″s of machine sewn binding.

Next I loaded the BOO! quilt, I found a “cute” spider web panto to use at Wasatch Quilting . This took a bit longer than it should have, the machine was having tension issues. I couldn’t figure out if it was the bobbin or the upper thread. I ended up adjusting both through out the quilt, I am glad it was only 37 inches square. I’m happy with the randomly placed webs, especially the “O”.

Still working on the cross stitch project, got a few more flowers done. When I was moving rooms, I found this lap/hoop stand that I had forgotten about. It helps relieve wrist pain from holding the hoop. It is a bit awkward to flip and tie off threads though.

I have been sewing a sort of secret project for the past few months, it is due to be finished in October. I have been dedicating an hour each morning to sewing on it. It seems to be working, one bite at a time. I think now that Alaska is done, I will feel less pressured to finish some things. Christmas is coming.

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    • I am going to get a full size shot next week, it just involves putting up the quilt hanger and the camera on tripod. I want to send a picture to Laundry Basket quilts, as it started out as their pattern.

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