A productive weekend

I spent a few hours Saturday making a slip cover for my ottoman. Actually, it is my dog Sasha’s ottoman, she uses it the most. It was getting pretty ratty looking, and having reupholstered a smaller footstool in the way back, I though a slip cover would be a much easier way to go. I think it looks pretty good, I probably shouldn’t have centered the seem in the front panel. but there is one in the back too. Now, I really should get to the chair that I stripped down back in May of 2016.

I got the borders sewn to the blue hydrangea quilt, and the binding and backing ready. Not a great picture, sorry. Now if I could just finish the quilting on “Promenade”. Thanks to Chrisknits for the name suggestion! Only twenty more blocks to quilt, I should know better than to pick intricate designs for a “to be sold” quilt. I do have one other problem with finishing this quilt, thread. I started sewing it with a spool of variegated # 701 So Fine thread (Superior). It’s a nice blend of tans and light browns, it looks good on the light beige fabric, as well as the blues and reds. I had about a half a spool left, thought it was plenty, but then I checked on line to get some more. Yeah, it’s been discontinued and no one has anymore. I looked at the Omni thread, same weight and fiber, and saw the color Palomino. I am awaiting its arrival, because I have run out of the 701, and I am half way through the quilt.

I got my BOM’s packages for July, made the Botanica blocks and two for the Halloween Figs. The drunkards path blocks were made with a new to me technique. The instructions say to cut square 1 inch larger than the blocks unfinished size. Then cut the arc piece out of it, using the template. I used the creative grids circle savvy ruler, much easier. Then sew the pieces together, concave part on the bottom, quarter circle on top. Press the seam towards the circle and trim to 6 ½ inches square. Not sure how well this would work for smaller blocks, but I’m really happy with the way these turned out. There’s a YouTube video. One may also make a template out of paper for the quarter circles, I was happy to use the circle savvy for something.

The MKAL shawl is coming along, I finished the fourth clue. I didn’t run out of yarn, but I don’t think I have enough left of it to knit more than one row. The last section, will be all dark blue, I’m speculating that it will have some lace to make the edging pretty. 523 stitches of lace, I better get all my markers ready.

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  1. Love the reupholstered ottoman. Ours measures 54″ square, so I hope I never have to refinish it!!! It’s huge. Big enough to sleep on, which the dogs do quite often. LOL

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