Sew What

I got a bunch of sewing done this week.  I finished the second clue for the “Unity” quilt, I even found and used my square in a square ruler.  I have two, a big and a small one, I haven’t inventoried that drawer yet though. 19BFDA9F-8354-4E29-8333-9D8556477426

My main project this week has been this quilt (nameless as of yet).  I am using the BOB (block on board) Accuquilt die, called Hatties Choice.  The fabric is a Moda Line, called – uhh – something to do with flour.  The quilt top will get a spacer strip of green and a final border of aqua and print triangle in a square blocks.

There is a story behind this fabric.  I ordered a bunch of fabric from Connecting Threads early in March.  They were having a green fabric sale, and at the time I was getting ready to go to the Empty Spools retreat to work on an ‘Emerald City’ quilt.  The fabric arrived the day after the event was canceled.  I was kinda bummed about the whole thing, but still, new fabric is exciting.  I opened the box and saw that there was a fat eighth pack in there.  Nope, not what I ordered, not on the receipt either, although I was missing one yard of green fabric.  Also there was a pretty blue fabric that wasn’t on my order.  I figure whomever was filling the order went by the SKU numbers and didn’t double check the description, and that’s how I ended up with the mix up.  I probably should have sent it back, but when I went to the website, the fat eighth pack wasn’t there, the fabric line wasn’t to be found either.  At that time C.T. had stopped taking orders and shipping, I took it as a sign to use the fabric to make a charity quilt.

I spent most of my day yesterday making sour dough bread.  It started out simply enough, I made a starter “mother” with a pack of starter I found in my cupboard.  Then I pulled out a book “Sourdough School”.  This book is written by a very well intentioned baker, who has a very intense knowledge of making sour dough bread.  Her way of teaching it through a book is, well, daunting.  There are so many references back to other pages, step by step instructions, references to other techniques, and ideas and reasons and ideas and theories.  I was dizzy.  I just wanted to make bread, flour, water and yeast. Eventually that’s what I did, I put the book away and used my remedial knowledge of bread making and the functions on my oven.  There was a proofing function, and then a specific baking function for San Francisco Sourdough Bread.  And you know what, the bread turned out okay.

I had much better luck with the soft pretzels I made earlier this week.  I didn’t have any yeast, and there was none to be had at the store.  What I do have is cider and beer yeast, as my DH makes those yeasty things.  I used the cider yeast, and you know what, they were delicious.   22540E74-435C-42CF-943B-52478CA903AD

One last picture from the garden today, the first Iris of the season, this one is a re-bloomer, it flowers in the fall and the spring.  I think the name is “Rock Star”, anyway its a star in my garden.0F1A9850-964E-4776-8F71-4C653CA2158B

Linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Can I get a Whoop Whoop  today.  Looking forward to the weekend, I think I’ll stay home and sew.