Keeping tabs

IMG_4563I finished the RW&B quilt for the Lions club event.  This quilt was a lesson in time management and following/interpreting/reading a pattern.  Well, the latter part isn’t really what I did, because there wasn’t a pattern to read, only a EQ8 picture and drawing.  Measure twice then cut and sew once is my new mantra.  This is the first quilt that I kept a record of the actual time I spent making it and the cost of materials.

Here’s the break down:

Yards of material for top – 11 ($98.00)

Backing – 3 yards ($49.00)

Queen size Batting – $40.00

Thread – $15.00

Cost $202.00 (retail)

Time spent cutting and piecing – 49 ½ hours

Time spent Long arm quilting – 6 3/4 hours

Time spent binding and finishing – 2 hours

Labor rates for my area

13.50 minimum wage – $786.00

25.00 artisan rate/skilled labor – $1456.00

All together it comes to $988.00 or $1658.00.  Obviously, one would like to get the skilled labor rate, but yeah, not gonna happen.  I really should factor in additional costs like wear and tear on equipment, electricity usage, costs for maintaining my studio etc.  But, realistically, the most I could probably get for this quilt is about 450.00.  It’s a labor of love :).