What I did on my summer vacation

I don’t think I ever had to write an essay about my summer vacation while growing up.  We lived at the beach, so from the last day of school to Labor Day, we spent most of our days there.  I once even had a summer job working at a concession stand on the beach. It was an idyllic life for a kid.

This summer I spent my vacation in Oregon with my horse at a ranch in Gold Beach.  Pretty idyllic too.  We went to the beach one day, but it was very windy, so rugged and beautiful.  We also drove down the coast to the town of Brookings.  There is a yarn and fabric store there, called By My Hand.  It’s an open and well lit place with lots of friendly people.  I found yarn for my next shawl in the Curious Handmade series called Tidepool. They even wound it into cakes for me, so kind.  Now if I can just finish the floating shawl, only about 15 more rows to go🙄.

Before I left, I got the borders on my Sew She Did quilt.  There was pinning involved, and NO re-sewing, yay.  Everything fit, the first time around. Ignore the Christmas quilt on the bed in front, it’s there to remind me to bind it and the other two I’ve finished recentlyIMG_4389

I sewed my backing together yesterday, I had six yards of a gray and black floral print and three yards of a quilty word print. I carefully cut the salvages off and had to cut the words fabric on grain. I used pins and got things together, even ironed it.  But this quilt has to wait until next week for me to start it.  I decided to use a double batting, wool on top of cotton.  I really want the stitching definition to show, if I’m going to spend time quilting this thing to the max, I want it to show up.  Of course I have no wool batting in stash, Amazon to the rescue!  It’ll be here next week, in the meantime I think I’ll throw the playdate quilt the frame and get my unicorns on.

Lastly, I finished up a top this morning, much pink-ness. Great pattern for a charm pack, with the border I used up almost all of it.  It’s for my DH’s associate, I think her baby is due in August.IMG_4416

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