This week I finished up four small quilts and one medium in a binding frenzy.  My LA is taking a rest, maybe I should load up another, after I give it a good cleaning and oiling.  This week’s weather hasn’t been conducive to the needle arts, too hot.  I got the June installment of Mrs. Millers Apprentice BOM done.  I realized that I hadn’t gotten the June installment of Christmas Figs yet, I gave them a call and now its on its way here. Yay!  I really want to finish that one.IMG_4282

I want to work on the Play Date quilt, I still have to finish the triangle blocks, the square blocks are done though.  Its very sparkle-y, I have a cute unicorn panto in mind for it, hope some 5 year old will love it back into pieces.  My good friends daughter turned 16 late last year.  When she was born I made her a crib size quilt, pretty water colored hand-dyes and off white kona.  This quilt is still used every day.  I repaired it once by quilting on a new backing and binding on it about 8 years ago.  It has since deteriorated to shreds held together with thread and some batting, (not very attractive).  I made a simple pillow case for it, with an envelope opening, out of minky.  Now she can keep it close to her at night and contain its “lovey” qualities.

I had to take a break from the Sea Gleam shawl knitting, as I ran out of yarn.  Luckily, it is made by a local (same town) yarn dyer  “Serendipidye” AND they had a skien of the same yarn/dye lot.  Don’t know what I was thinking when I started the shawl using this yarn, as the amount of yardage needed is clearly stated in the pattern and the yarn was labeled with its total yardage too.  My math was a bit off that day.


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  1. Ooh the shawl is so pretty and I love the contrast in your blocks. They’re going to make a great quilt. Thank you so much for linking up with me.

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