This week I have been working on the “Inner Circle” quilt pattern by Modern Quilt Studio.  I made my striped fabric panels, carefully ironed all the seams open and printed out the 35 sheets that make up the templates for cutting out the circles.  As I was cutting the circles out of me fabric, I thought to myself, these are not going to be fun to set into the background with the machine.  No, not at all.  What the pattern has you do is make two panels of contrasting stripes, cut the circles out of one, then cut corresponding holes in the other panel.  It then gives instructions to machine sew them together, matching all the seams.  This step was not going to happen on my version.  I consider myself a pretty good piecer and would much rather piece by machine than hand stitch.  But this quilt was telling me that those circles should be appliquéd on top and the underneath fabric cut away.  IMG_3281

I carefully pressed the 1/2 seam allowance under and used a bit of Elmers school glue to keep it folded under.  Then I pinned every stripe together, keeping it straight and true.  Hand sewing took a few hours, and made me think of an appliqué  UFO that has been languishing, maybe if I got it out I could work on it.  My hand work has been knitting for the past 8 months, but summer is coming, and I just don’t like to knit as much in the summer.  MQS has a YouTube video Inner Circle Tutorial on how to assemble this quilt their way, Bill Ringle makes it look easy.  For me, appliqué is easier, not quite as fast, but my resulting quilt looks good to me.IMG_3284

 I was able to use some of the left over circle stripes to add length to the backing.


Then, I got it on the frame, and started the E2E pantograph I choose for it.  Its called “Feathers and More” by Nancy Haacke of Wasatch Quilting .  Only 10 more rows to go, but it’ll wait, tomorrows another day.


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  1. Hello! Thanks for following my blog at I’m really enjoying seeing your posts here, and I love that you did your own thing with this particular quilt pattern. I’ve watched Bill’s video on insetting circles too and yes, he makes it look easy 🙂 I much prefer appliqué though because I can make sure it al ends up just where I want it to. I just know I’d be frustrated if my seams didn’t line up on one like this! You have some beautiful work on your blog here, looking forward to seeing more 🙂

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