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Whats on my design wall?  A couple of things.  Physically, the strips for my version of the quilt “Inner Circle” by Modern Quilt Studio are hanging on it.  I think it’s a bit too dark, and I am awaiting the delivery of another pack of gray batik strips to arrive.  The contrasting fabrics will be taupe and cream, I am trying not to create too much contrast, more of a shadowing effect.


Next are the blocks done for a quilt I saw recently at Missouri Star Quilting called “Falling Charms”.  There is a YouTube video tutorial if you’re interested.  I am trying to use up the rest of my 1930’s repo fabric, left over from making my Farmers Wife quilt.  I still have some, but I may just cut it up into 2 1/2 ” squares and be done.



In the TBQ pile, I finished a crib size top this past week too.  Again trying to use up the last of the fabric line called “Story Time”.  There were three fat quarters that had 3 inch square blocks printed on them.  I cut them out and interspaced them with a neutral print from the same line in a half block drop columns pattern.  Finished with a three inch border of another coordinating print.


Waiting in the box it came in is the batik fabric for a blue Storm at Sea quilt.  I am waiting/wanting to get to the printers to print the foundations for this block.  I think square in a square and square in a rectangle blocks are easier to paper foundation sew.  With the added benefits of turning out square/true and creating a huge mess of tiny bits of ripped paper everywhere.IMG_3203

Not on the wall, but on the frame, is my Diamonds Rubies and Garnets quilt.  I am about three hours away from finishing it.  Most of the blocks are done with ruler work, and geometric designs in red and white So Fine thread.   IMG_3204

In knitting news, I am doing a KAL with Curious Handmade Sock Society on Ravelry.  This pair is called Winter Rose.  I have Hellebores blooming all over my yard right now, but mine are white and dull purple.  This yarn is from my stash, it’s called Brick house, but the color is brighter than an old brick, and not that orange.  Last night I realized I made an error in the second round after the ribbing.  I was about to start the heel flaps, when I realized I didn’t have enough stitches, I was twelve short.  So I had to rip back, both socks to the ribbing and start over.  So sad.  The good thing is that I have the pattern memorized now, and won’t forget the yarn overs this time.


First attempt/fail

Looking back I think it was a busy and productive week for me.  I hope to finish the DR&G quilt today and get a few smaller quilts that need pantographs done.

Linking up with Judy at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts for design was Monday today.

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