This weeks finish is a sweater named Stråle by Woolfolk.  I can’t remember when I started it, but I finished the body of it some time last winter.  I remember stopping because it had become too warm to have all that wool on my lap.  This past summer I participated in a KAL with Curious Handmade on Ravelry, I needed something to knit while I was between patterns and the sweater was in my basket.  I did one sleeve and put it down again.  Last week I picked it up again and finished off the other sleeve and collar. I want to block it, but our weather has been very wet and cloudy, I know it would take a week for it to dry.

I didn’t do much sewing this past week.  Yesterday I got my serger/coverstitch machine out to hem two pairs of pajama pants.  It took me two hours to wrestle with the machine to get it to sew the hems.  Once I got the needles in the right place, threaded it right, and used the proper foot it was a breeze.  In other sewing news, I traded in my machine for the next model.  I want to start a new project with it, I’ve been designing a teeshirt quilt for a client and I was hoping that I could get started on it. Unfortunately the client has big plans for the tee shirts, and we haven’t found a design that appeals to her.  She sent me a few cute ideas, but they are small throws and use faux fur on the back.  Her tee shirts are 12″ blocks, not cute little 4″ squares of coordinating fabric.  Sigh.  I’ll come up with something, maybe I’ll end up making two quilts for her.  I am getting lots of practice with EQ8 in the meanwhile.

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