Over Achiever


I finished my On Ringo Lake mystery quilt top last night.  Started on November 24th and finished on January 2.  There are 3339 pieces, some as small as 1 1/2 inches square.  I loaded up the backing a few days ago, and now to quilt it.  I surpassed last years personal challenge (En Provence) by two days.  I was wondering if I just made the clues one after the other, how long it would take me.  Six weeks is a long time (for me) in which to complete a quilt top.  Most of these clues/parts took me from one to two days the complete.   If I was truly an over achiever, I think I could do this top in about ten days.  That would certainly suck any fun out of it though, not to mention the wear and tear on me and my machine.


In other news, I restarted the 365 block challenge.  Fortunately for me, the quilter who runs the challenge decided to re-do the 2016 quilt.  I have completed all the blocks up to March.  So I won’t be starting it (again) until then.  As of now, the blocks live in their tote, happily hibernating.  IMG_1367

I have two commission quilts to make in the next month or so.  A tee-shirt quilt and a Storm at Sea quilt.  The Tee-shirt quilt parts are in a plastic bag right now.  I was waiting until the new year to open it and lay everything out, maybe after I quilt the ORL quilt.  The S@S quilt I need to get fabric for, Batiks maybe.  I’m not sure if I want to paper piece it or not.  Those diamond in a rectangle blocks are tough to get straight.  I can’t remember how I did my red and white S@S, hmmm.  I think I used the block-loc rulers and templates.  I should really take notes LOL.

2 thoughts on “Over Achiever

  1. Holy cow! I am glad you are an over-achiever, I get to gaze upon a beautiful quilt! I am still piecing mine together, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Those last clues came hard and fast!

    • Yes, the last few days were rapid fire. I’m happy with the results, I like the secondary patterns and the color choice grew on me as I finished. Hope you post yours when you’re done.

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