More triangulations

IMG_4506(Previously written) I got this top together, after the photo I noticed an error in the top right corner, I think that should be a half hex not two triangles. I made a bunch of pinwheels from the scraps from cutting the triangles. The seashell paired with the turquoise should make a good border. I found some pink that matches too. I’m thinking solid pink inner border, then pinwheels, then aqua binding.


This is as far as I got this past week , and I’m not too sure like it.  It also has some issues with square-ness.  The right side is 1 ½ inches shorter than the left side.  Umhmmm.  It’s weird because the right side has less bias edges.   

I was going to fix it yesterday, but we had no electricity for about eight hours.  Very disappointing.  This also meant that I couldn’t get any quilting done on my “Sew She Did” quilt.  I did about 4 hours on Tuesday, and I am nearing the finish.  Still have the binding to do too.  The 28th is looming on the horizon, just keep sewing, just keep sewing.

On the knitting front, I finished my Rock Pooling shawl and started a new cardigan, called Classic Oak Cardigan. IMG_4505

Plus the pattern for the fourth Shawl Society shawl is downloaded.  It’s quite pretty with lace and size, it’s called ‘In the Dunes’.


Not me, its Helen Stewart, the designer.

I think I want to buy more yarn (gasp!) to make it in a sandy-beachy color.  I should look in the yarn stash,  but the pattern calls for 1100 yards of light weight fingering or lace.  Hmm, there may be some alpaca or gradient dyed lace weight.  After a quick visit to yarn-landia, I realized that I do not need to buy anything yarn-like in the near future.  I found these two, the gradient one might work, but the Misti alpaca is so soft and there is enough yardage.  

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I plan on doing that today!


The other day I saw a quilt that I wanted to make.  The pattern used equilateral triangles and half hexagons.  I liked how it was random enough, but still had some design flow and it would look good in scrappy mode.  I decided on using this shell fabric I have had for a few years, and two solid color charm packs that matched the print.  Then I got out the AccuQuilt and started cutting the print into triangles.  That was quick and easy.  Then I sorted out the charms and cut them in half and made them into hexagons using the Hex and More ruler/template.  It was going smoothly and so quick, I was actually thinking that I would have this top finished within the day.  As with all my quick and easy quilt plans, it was not to be.  As I started putting the blocks together, I noticed the half hexagons were too big, or rather the triangles were too small.  The AccuQuilt triangle die cut is 1/4 inch smaller than the triangles/hexagons cut with the hex and more.  ARGH!  It was time to leave the room and go quilt with the long arm.

The next day, I figured I had two options, sub out the shell fabric for something else and cut new triangles, or adjust all the half hexies and smaller triangles to fit.  I chose the latter, I was able to use the Hex and More ruler to cut the large pieces down to fit the triangles.  I got the blocks together, they are diamond shaped.  Then I had the problem of not having enough of them to make a decent sized quilt.  I was hoping for lap size, but it seems like it will be baby sized.  I am trying to make up a different pattern with the left over parts and pieces.  I am trying to sub in a few rows of large pieces triangles and seeing how I can get the sides straight and not sawtoothed, by inserting pieces.  I walked away from it again yesterday and spent a good amount of time long arming and not thinking of “it”.

I wish I could figure out how to use EQ8 to (re)design it, but its beyond my remedial skills.

The good thing is that my show quilt is getting quilted.  I’m about 40% done, if I continue at this pace I will be done before the due date, 8/28.  We have company arriving on Wednesday, so my sewing time will be limited.  Which reminds me I need to clean up the guest room.

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A Week in Review

This past week was a busy one for me.  It started out last Thursday when I brought my machine in for servicing.  It had requested it with a very large pop-up screen on Wednesday.  I figured with it being gone for a week I could get started on my PIQF quilt.  It was on the frame and the battings were “resting”, or getting their wrinkles out.  I am trying to quilt on it for two hours a day, as it is due for entry on the 28th of this month.  After 5 days, I think I’m going to have to up the time to three hours.  The borders are pretty intensive, and it takes me about two hours to quilt each block.  I’m liking what I have so far, coming up with different designs for each one.  Lots of ruler work, and thread changes get tedious, but I think it’ll be a show worthy quilt when it is done.  My machine was done on Saturday and I picked it up Sunday, it purrs again.

I got to work on my Mrs. Miller’s Apprentice blocks for this month, pretty baskets with lots of HST.IMG_4438

I put a border onto my Minute quilt too, still trying to use up that fabric pile. I have  about a half yard of each left.  I feel like it needs another border to frame it up, maybe red or blue or white.IMG_4440

This week I also went on a bit of a shopping spree.  I saw a set of quilt frame clamps on the Bernina Q24 facebook page that I needed.  They were available at Nancy’s Notions, and a fat quarter bundle of Sequoia (Laundry Basket Quilts) jumped into my cart too.  Then I got an email from Nancy’s that their Accuquilt stock was on sale – 20% off.  Oh so tempting, I have been wanting to get the Angles Companion Qube set.  It will make cutting out the Alaska quilt so much easier, all those triangles.  After I had it in the cart, I noticed that in order to really get the most use out of it, they recommend that you have the Mix and Match set.  They are both on their way to my studio now.   Also, while cutting the pieces for the Minute border, I realized that my cutter was getting dull.  I went to the drawer of notions to get a new blade.  This is what I found:IMG_4439

I found some new ones on Amazon, rather than going to the store, for further temptation.  I guess I can confess to yarn purchases (Christmas sweater, sock yarn) and a pattern and fabric kit for the Judy Niemeyer Feathered Star quilt, while I’m at it. It was all on sale – really.

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Binding express

This past weekend I bound until I could bind no more.  Six quilts that needed to be bound and moved on to the finished pile.  I spent most of Saturday sewing and listening to a book, it was going to be a hot day and I decided to stay in.  I did go out in the early morning to water my plants on the deck, but otherwise I stayed in the AC filtered air. IMG_4427

Sunday was still hot, so I went to work sashing and putting together the Christmas Figs BOM.  It took about four hours, I was surprised by how long because it’s just simple straight line sewing.  The blocks are large, 16 inches finished, so I guess when you add up all the sashing strips, 49, and the setting blocks it is a lot of sewing.  It’s a big quilt 😊 and I can’t wait to start quilting it.



On the Quilting list, ‘Sew She did’ is still waiting for the wool batting I ordered to come in,  I don’t have the quilt backing loaded yet, because I wanted to get Playdate on to the frame and quilted first.  Unicorns abound!  I found the sparkle minky at The Fat Quarter Shop a few weeks ago, hoping this quilts finds a little girl to love it.

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What I did on my summer vacation

I don’t think I ever had to write an essay about my summer vacation while growing up.  We lived at the beach, so from the last day of school to Labor Day, we spent most of our days there.  I once even had a summer job working at a concession stand on the beach. It was an idyllic life for a kid.

This summer I spent my vacation in Oregon with my horse at a ranch in Gold Beach.  Pretty idyllic too.  We went to the beach one day, but it was very windy, so rugged and beautiful.  We also drove down the coast to the town of Brookings.  There is a yarn and fabric store there, called By My Hand.  It’s an open and well lit place with lots of friendly people.  I found yarn for my next shawl in the Curious Handmade series called Tidepool. They even wound it into cakes for me, so kind.  Now if I can just finish the floating shawl, only about 15 more rows to go🙄.

Before I left, I got the borders on my Sew She Did quilt.  There was pinning involved, and NO re-sewing, yay.  Everything fit, the first time around. Ignore the Christmas quilt on the bed in front, it’s there to remind me to bind it and the other two I’ve finished recentlyIMG_4389

I sewed my backing together yesterday, I had six yards of a gray and black floral print and three yards of a quilty word print. I carefully cut the salvages off and had to cut the words fabric on grain. I used pins and got things together, even ironed it.  But this quilt has to wait until next week for me to start it.  I decided to use a double batting, wool on top of cotton.  I really want the stitching definition to show, if I’m going to spend time quilting this thing to the max, I want it to show up.  Of course I have no wool batting in stash, Amazon to the rescue!  It’ll be here next week, in the meantime I think I’ll throw the playdate quilt the frame and get my unicorns on.

Lastly, I finished up a top this morning, much pink-ness. Great pattern for a charm pack, with the border I used up almost all of it.  It’s for my DH’s associate, I think her baby is due in August.IMG_4416

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Sew She Did

When I first started my blog, I wanted to name it “Sew she Did”.  Remember the old story about the little red hen, she has a lot of work to do, but no one wants to help her?  The story ends with the hen making/baking bread, by herself, and eating it all by herself.  At the time I had three teenage children at home, and I was that hen.  I know it was partly my fault for not instilling some kind of work ethic into that trio, but it was frustrating at times.  The sheer lack of (their) motivation was astounding to me, sewing time was my salvation.  Just me in my studio, making my things, all by myself, with the satisfaction (usually, LOL) of a job well done.  Sorry, I digress, unfortuneatly, the name was already taken by someone else, so I went with Touch of Grey instead.  That’s a story for another time.  Fast forward to now, the teens are adults and moved out,  I still do most of the chores, but they stay done for longer, and there is a lot more sewing time.

This quilt is named “Sew She Did”, I have two more borders to attach, but its 80 percent done.  It is a quilt that I designed, chose fabrics for, cut out, and sewed together, all by myself. 😉 IMG_4386

There will be a red coping strip and then a final border of red and white on point squares surrounding it.  I was going to go with a simple border of plain strips, but since it’s a show quilt, I felt I had to push the envelope a bit.  I did the math, figured out the sizes of the squares and triangles to make it work.  There was a 3 3/8 ths measurement involved, but it worked.  I’m hoping to get the borders attached before Sunday, as I want to bring my machine in for a spa treatment. IMG_4385

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Mama Said

This fabric line, Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater/Moda, has become my focus for the next few weeks.  It’s discontinued and there is a 2.0 out there, equally nice.  I think I’ve had this FQ pack for about four years, and looking at the left overs, I’m hoping to be done with it this summer.  The first quilt I made with it, Sewing quilt is on the frame and being quilted with a cute sewing themed panto that has pincushions, scissors, needle and thread and a spool of thread.  Each row takes about 40 minutes to stitch out, only four more to go.  The second quilt I am still piecing, this one is going to be my PIQF entry this year.  I am hoping to finish the blocks, two more to go, this weekend, and get it all together before I go on vacation.


Then I’ll be able to quilt it for the next five weeks, I think that I can do it, even with a bit of procrastination.  I was able to find a yard of the coordinating white on white print on Etsy yesterday.  I am determined to use up the rest of this pile of scraps, maybe do a simple alternating 2 inch square quilt, controlled scrappy quilt to finish the scraps.


After the PIQF quilt, my ‘To Do List’ looks like this:

  1.  Finish Minuet Mystery (borders and quilt)
  2. Sew Mama act 3 – piece
  3. Baby girl quilt for a friend (August Baby)
  4. Play Date quilt – quilt it
  5. Growing up Odd – quilt it (finally got a 118 wide backing
  6. Berties Year – quilt it (got backing and poly batting)
  7. Bind Christmas quilt and woven quilt (need bindings made)

Vacation First!  This is a non quilting trip, I think I’m going to bring my current knitting project, The Floating Shawl.  Or I could bring the hand work wreath project Shiny and Brite that I started a few months ago.  I got all the tracing and the coloring in part done, just need to start on the embroidery accents.


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I feel like I’m making progress this summer, with my quilting that is.  I finished a pile of quilts, photographed them and posted them to my store.  My stack of TBQ’d tops is shrinking, although I’m about to add three to it.  Last summer we were in re-model mode, so getting anything done was difficult.  This summer seems wide open, so far.  I have a week long vacation in Oregon coming up in July, but other than that, open.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my PIQF entry.  I have three ideas that have been expanding in my minds eye.  This one started yesterday.

I have been making blocks up in EQ8 for the past few weeks, in order to use up the last of the ‘Sew Mama’ fat quarter pack I opened to make the Kaleidoscope quilt.  There is a lot left over, and it seems like I’ll be able to make at least twelve different 16 inch blocks.  My idea/reasoning is, one of my quilty pleasures is BOM’s, the Sew Mama fabric is all about quilting, I’ll design and make my own BOM. However, it’ll have to be compressed into 58 days, entry date is 8/28, minus days in OR, equals 58 working days.  Unless I like my two other ideas better, or develop them into more than an idea, it’s a plan.

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One and a Half

This week is more than half done.  My plan for finishing three tops is slowly becoming a reality, however, probably not going to be finished this coming weekend.  I got the Playdate top put together, still needs borders though.  That freed up the design wall for the Minuet blocks.  Once I got them up there though, I realized that they needed to be put on the floor to really see how they work together.  It’s scrappy, but I only used seven fabrics and white, I have to shuffle the blocks around to avoid matching pieces where they join.

Mancuso has announced the theme for this years PIQF, it’s “Quilty Pleasures”.  They are also doing a Mid Century Modern theme again (3rd Year).  Entry info and forms are here PIQF.  QP is a pretty broad category,  my pleasures are lots of pieces, color and currently, triangles.  I recently bought the pattern “Alaska” from Laundry Basket Quilts.  It’s on my list of quilts I want to make, and I have been playing around with it in EQ8.  I want it to be a little bigger, so I added two more rounds of blocks.  This would be a challenge to get done before the August 27th deadline.  More thinking will be done.


Last night I was knitting on my Sea Gleam shawl and realized that my stitch count was off by two.  Normally not a big deal, and sort of normal for me, but when it involves lace, it looks bad.  I had to pull out ten rows, about 4000 stitches, sad face. On a bright note, I have memorized the lace motif stitches.  Curious Handmade just released the second shawl in the series, “Floating”, so no rush – eye roll.

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Hmm, DWM, divorced white male?  Nah, Design Wall Monday.

It seems like last week I was pondering starting a new project.  I had just finished binding 5 quilts and feeling pretty productive.  This week I find myself in the middle of finishing up three tops.  The Play Date quilt is on the wall, it needs sashing and borders, but all the blocks are done.  I thought I would put it on the wall and see if there were any matching blocks near each other.  I can’t look at it for too long though, it’s too “crazy on the eyes”  It must be a quilt that one has to step back from in order to really appreciate it.


Then there is Scrap Dance Minuet, a mystery quilt from From My Carolina Home . The final step was released this past week.  I have put together half the blocks so far, I may have to finish them up before the Play Date quilt, as they are taking up my sewing table space.  Only 12 more to go, I’m making the twin size.

Finally, the postman brought me the twelfth month of the Christmas figs BOM.  Fabrics for the sashings and corner blocks.  Lots of sashing, this quilt finishes at 78″ x 96″,  which reminds me, I have to get a backing for it.  Lately I’ve been shopping at Backside Fabrics for my backings.  Good selection and fast shipping, plus their prices are pretty good too.img_4292.jpg

Oh yeah, I got the extra skien of hand dyed yarn I ordered to finish my Sea Gleam Shawl.  I got lucky and it is from the same dye lot as my first two.  The lace edging is requiring a bit more concentration, plus the rows are quite long at this point, about 400 stitches.  I breath a sigh of relief, when I get to the end and I have the right number of stitches left.  No one likes to un-knit that many stitches and lace too boot.

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