New Years lists

Last December, 2016, I joined a finishing challenge at Patchwork Times.  Finish one UFO a month.  Simple. Well here’s my list:

From oldest to newest:

  1. Blue throw finish piecing etc.
  2. Guatemalan fabric finish piecing etc.
  3. Dragon quilt finish quilting embellishing etc.
  4. Garden Sampler needs quilting/binding
  5. Berties year needs quilting/binding
  6. Catkin mystery needs quilting/binding
  7. 365 Batik block quilt 270 blocks to go…
  8. Coxcomb Medallion needs quilting/binding
  9. Fire Island Hosta needs quilting/binding
  10. Rubies Diamonds and Garnets needs quilting/binding
  11. Shelia needs quilting/binding
  12. Growing up Odd needs quilting/binding
  13. Farmers Wife needs sashing, quilting/binding

Here’s what I finished from the list:

  1. Blue throw – finished piecing, not quilted
  2. Dragon Quilt – did some embellishing
  3. Garden Sampler – Finished
  4. Catkin mystery – quilted, not bound
  5. Fire Island Hosta – Finished
  6. Rubies Diamonds and Garnets – started quilting
  7. Farmers Wife – finished top, got backing, not quilted

Two out of thirteen finished, five worked on, six looked at/ignored.  I had such high hopes too.  I did start and finish a bunch of other projects though, so my year ends on a positive note.  Meaning no extra UFO’s joining to list, thats good.

Finished in 2017

  1. Fancy Forest
  2. Gravity
  3. Confluence 1,2,&3
  4. Peach triangle
  5. Thicket ll
  6. Bubbles
  7. En Provence
  8. Purebred baby quilt
  9. Ducks and Bunnies
  10. Mikes quilt
  11. 4th of July Quilt
  12. True Blue
  13. Modern Tulips
  14. Camilla Baby quilt
  15. Baby boy quilt
  16. Aqua baby quilt
  17. Leo Baby Quilt
  18. Nickolas baby Quilt
  19. I spy Lavender
  20. Summer Wreath

Started in 2017

  1. On Ringo Lake Mystery
  2. Stair-bender – may have to deconstruct due to wonky-ness

I’m not joining any finishing schedules this year or BOMs.  My main goal is to design and make a quilt a month.  My own designs, as I am also intent on learning to use EQ8 effectively.  I may even participate in a few online classes.   Oh I just had a thought,  I should include the four kits I bought in “the started this year” list :).