December things and times

December always seems like a short month to me.  I think its because of all the rush and bustle of getting the year end things done, and of course the holidays.  I have been knitting a lot to get two gifts finished and maybe have time for a third.  These mittens should have been completed by now.  As you can see there is a marked size difference between the left and right one.  The right one has been washed and blocked, so no shrinkage there.  The third one is knitting up to be the same size as the second.


I’m also trying to finish up the Gård shawl.  I hit row 40 yesterday, only 35 more to go.  I can usually do 4 rows in about and hour, I just need to do it twice a day.  I really want to finish this before next Wednesday.  I’m going to see the recipient, and would like to give it to her personally.

Somehow I purchased some more yarn and it arrived this week.  This is for a Fade shawl,  so pretty together, I don’t have this range of color in my stash, and it was on sale :).


This yarn is for the woodland mittens, and an undetermined pattern shawl.

Finally the yarn kit for the Fox Paws Scarf.


I have been following along with Curious Handmade’s Knitvent on Ravelry.  I have gotten as far as downloading the patterns, but my knitting time has been focused on the shawl and mittens.  Plus Judy L keeps tempting me with patterns, most of which end up in my favorites list.  I especially like the Leftovers cowl.  Looking through Ravelry, I saw a few projects that use a constant color along with the leftovers.  It looks a bit more cohesive to me, my stash of left overs is quite eclectic in colors and shades and having a constant may tone it down a bit.  This project is still on the back burner though.

Going to knit some rows now.