Towels and such

This past week I have been embroidering kitchen towels.  It is boring work, and I try to do other things while the machine is stitching.  As most people who do machine embroidery know, as soon as you leave the room, the machine will have an “issue”.  Other than running out of bobbin thread, I’ve been “lucky”.  I am making towels and other small things for the craft fair I am going to sell at this month.

This fair is held at the local high school and it is an opportunity for me to get my quilts and quilting seen in the community.  I don’t have high hopes for making a large profit, but I may be surprised.  I like to have a selection of items that are in the 10 to 25 dollar range, and my quilts will be there too.  For this fair I think I will leave the larger ones at home, just bring the personal sized and baby quilts.  I’ve made a bunch of fabric bags too, and I think I’ll sew up a few lavender sachet bags to make everything smell good.

On the quilting front, I quilted a few things.  The Floating Bubbles quilt and the Summer wreath.  I also finished quilting my Fancy Forest quilt.  I used a wood grain digital quilt pattern.  The thread I chose was two spools of Superior Perfect Quilter in the color camouflage, there was a small amount gone from one spool, so about 550 yards together.  Plenty of thread, I thought, nope.  I ran out when about 80% of the quilt was stitched.  I think Perfect Quilter thread was discontinued about 5 or 6 years ago.  I scoured the internet, found some, but not the right color way.  Camouflage is a mix of beige, light green and a very light brown.  It was blending so well with the greenish Essex Linen background too.  I went back to my thread drawer and found one spool of PQ in tans and beiges.  It would have to do, and you know, unless I point it out, no one would notice.  I’m not sure how I want to bind this quilt, I have a bunch of left over colorful scraps, but I can’t remember if the kit included extra fabric for binding.

Last, but not least, this guy turned one year old yesterday.  There was much celebration and a McDonalds hamburger was involved 🙂IMG_3014

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