Pix of Six

I finished my “Familiar” shawl last night.  This is the last of the Shawl Society II shawl KAL.  If you had asked me seven months ago if I would want to knit a shawl a month for the next six, I probably would have said no.  But this was fun, the patterns were well written in easy to follow format.  I used stash yarn for 5 of the six, that’s always a plus. The cost was minimal, 6 patterns for less than 20.00 is a bargain.  Plus the camaraderie of the chat threads on Ravelry was fun too.

I got my order from Knit Picks the other day.  I’m torn between starting the Latvian mitten kit or a beaded shawl. Or I could finish the Stråle sweater, as it is getting a bit chilly now and having the sweater in my lap is warming while I knit.  I am still knitting the Gård shawl, I think I have about 20 more rows of the ridged garter stitch, then it’s on to the patterned part.  I am enjoying the softness of the yarn (Tynd by Woolfolk) and the resulting fabric is soft and drape-y enough for a cozy shawl.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for knitting report today.