Pieces of Gravity

I finally finished quilting my Gravity quilt.  It is to my liking, in fact, it turned out better than I thought it would.  It took many hours of quilting as well.  One of these days I will keep track of the time spent for such an undertaking as this was.  I started the top in January 2016 as a block of the month.  I finished the it back in February of this year.  Each of the outer diamonds is quilted with a digitized pattern.  Each of those designs had to be placed and stitched out (read as “lots of stops and starts”).  The inner colorful pieced diamonds are mostly hand guided with rulers and templates.  I did use digitized circles and pearl lines, as I wanted them to be round and circular.  I used two colors of thread, one with variegated grays -a Superior King Tut, and the rest is done with Superior Microquilter in a light gray.  This thread color (7007) blended very well with all the colors.  Once I bury all the threads and bind this behemoth, I’ll get a better set of pictures to show off.

Getting back to the gravity pieces.  The JayBird Gravity Quilt pattern book has an extra pillow pattern in the back to use up some of the colorful scraps you are left with after making the top.  I decided to cut up all the scraps into 2 1/2 inch equilateral triangles.  Many more than the pillow top pattern requires, more like a small quilt.  I think I would like to sew them together in a random color way.  But then I look at the pillow pattern and I like the way the color families are spread out from the center.  This is where the triangles are resting for now.


This past weekend was PIQF.  I went on Thursday to see the quilts and Sunday to shop.  The quilts were varied as always, many were extravagantly quilted.  The best in show quilt, Eternal Beauty, by Sherry Reynolds was a masterwork of thread and fabric.  You can see more of it at The Quilt Show daily blog.


I particularly enjoyed the Lion King exhibit sponsored by Cherrywood Fabrics.  There were so many variations and techniques to see and ask “how did they do that?”.  There were many (18) traveling collections/exhibits too.  It seemed to me that the international section was a bit smaller this year than in years past.  There were only four from Japan, but Australia, Germany and South Africa were well represented.

Linking up with Judy at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts for Design Wall Monday today.