I have been knitting two projects this week.  I started the last Shawl Society shawl, “Familiar” and I have been mindlessly making progress on my Gård shawl.

The Familiar shawl I am using an older stash yarn from Jo Sharp called Silkroad, its a wool/silk/cashmere blend.  I’m worried I am not going to have enough of it to finish, as I only have one and a half balls of it left.  I thought that maybe I had another ball in my stash somewhere, I looked through all the odds and ends, none to be found.  While digging through my stash, I decided to take inventory.  I wrote it all out on paper and one of these days I ‘m going to make a spreadsheet.

This past week I ordered some yarn too (before the inventory).  Knit-Picks had a sale on some of their Stroll yarn and Chroma twist I got one of each, for future shawls and a mitten kit that looked cute.  They were also giving away a free pattern for a shawlette called Caterpillar.  It’s still up, Free Patterns on their site, with a few others too.

I have had extra time to knit this week as we are all staying inside as much as possible.  The horrible wild fires in Napa county are creating smoke that gets blown down here on the peninsula.  It smells like a campfire outside and the haze is bad, visibility is reduced to a few miles.  I can’t imagine how terrible it must be just an hour and a half away.  We have friends that don’t know if their home is still standing.   What can you say?

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for the Knitting Report this week.