I’ve been knitting away on my Gård shawl for a week or so.  Its sort of mindless knitting, a ridged garter stitch made up of four rows, one of which is a purl row.  Forty eight rows of this then about seventy five more of pattern. I think I mentioned in a previous post that it is 404 stitches long, the final row count is about 125, so thats about 50,000 total stitches. Sigh, I hope my mom likes it.


The final pattern for the Shawl Society II came out yesterday.  It’s pretty, uses bulky weight yarn and some cabling.  I like it, I can use stash yarn and it’ll be a quick knit.  My hands are itching with start-itis.

I haven’t purchased any yarn or patterns this week.  Although the temptation has been hard to resist.  I have gotten better at adding them to my Ravelry favorites, than my stash.  Recently I reorganized my fabric stash closet to make room for my yarn stash.  I got rid of the plastic stacking drawers that held my fabric and replaced them with some ELFA wire basket drawers. This consolidated the fabric enough to put the two ELFA units of yarn in the closet too.  I could probably fit another set of drawers in, but the closet has sliding doors, and there is that dead space in the middle.  It’s nice to have my stashes in the same room now, no more going downstairs to look for yarn.  One of these days I’ll go through my yarn stash and make a spread sheet, but just getting it into a more accessible spot is good for now.

One thing that I did buy was a Fleegle bead needle.  I know I have a pattern, yarn and beads all ready to go in my stash.  The last beaded scarf I made had you put all the beads on the yarn first.  That wasn’t very much fun, plus the working yarn had to go through all those beads.  Judy, at Patchwork times is knitting a beautiful shawl with beads.  I’m going to add that project to my Ravelry to-do list too.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for the Knitting report this week.