Quilt Myths

The last sleepless night, I found myself looking through my phone photos.  I thought that I could come up with a few design ideas for my Gravity quilt, since I was just laying there, at 3 am.  I started with this photo of it before quilting.IMG_2379 I am about 80% done with the quilting of this top.  I have unloaded it from my frame once, to quilt a baby quilt that I thought I would have another week or two to finish.  I reloaded it last Friday and have been working on it a bit each day.  As I looked at it that night/morning the upper left corner of the photo shouted “HEY!” at me.  Yup, a mistake, that four patch diamond needed to be turned around so that the dark gray was pointing to the center.  Later, after sunrise, I checked to see if I had quilted that area yet.  Thankfully the quilt was loaded with that section towards the bottom, the “to be quilted” section.  I had quilted up to that very diamond.  I was able to take it out easily, and unload the quilt and re-piece it in correctly.  Today I’m going to remount it on the frame and maybe finish it.

Getting back to the title of this post, Quilt Myths.  I was reading Quiltville this morning and Bonnie was talking about quilting mistakes and letting them be, or not. There was a comment from Mary Ellen:

Bill Volckening posted recently about the whole myth that the Amish put mistakes into their quilts “because only god is perfect.” He put the kaibosh on that notion! Here’s the link. I hope it’s okay to post it here.

Very interesting reading, also Bill took the whole month of September to banish a bunch of other quilting myths.  If you have some time, read a bit.

For me, I make mistakes with patterns, cutting, placement, sewing, etcetera, most of the time I leave them in or work with them.  This Gravity quilt is just too graphic of a design to leave that mistake in.  It definitely would bother me.  It was an easy fix too.  Unlike my El Camino quilt mistake, Finished Better than Perfect  I live with that one 🙂


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