Finishing things

This week, while waiting for the 5th shawl pattern from Curious Handmade, I finished two hats and a sleeve.  Plus got the yarn for a cowl I want to knit from Churchmouse yarn pattern called “Tapered Cowl”.  It came with a little fabric too, for a quilt and stash, I’m a sucker for a clearance sale.  I finished the gray and turquoise Pandamonium hat and the Thinking hat.  I left out one panda head repeat on the hat and the size is much better.  I used worsted weight yarn, so my first hat was a bit big.  The Thinking hat is also a bit big, I’m thinking of felting it slightly to make it fit more snuggly to the head. I also finished the right sleeve of the Strale sweater yesterday, before casting on for the Wishmaker Shawl.


I changed my yarn choice for the Wishmaker shawl.  I was going to use some DK weight yarn that I had gotten in a sweater kit, but it was too blend-y. The shawl would have lost all its character.  Instead I am using another stash yarn, a two ply natural color alpaca yarn. I have three colors, brown, tan and natural white.  I bought this yarn a long time ago, and made a linen stitch jacket out of Jean Frost’s book “Jacket” called Winchester.  Sadly I have grown too much to wear it, but I keep it because that linen stitch took so long to do.  Anyway, I had enough left over yarn, so now it will become a shawl that fits me.  I’ll have to add a picture later, as I don’t have one yet.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for the knitting report today.  As usual she’s got a great assortment of WIP’s and up coming projects 🙂