Knitting Report

Sometimes I feel like I don’t get much done in the hours I spend knitting.  This past winter I knit almost everyday, but didn’t finish the sweater I was making.  I think I made a few scarves, hats and such, but its all a blur.  Then spring came and I lost interest for a few months.  I heard about the Curious Handmade Shawl Society II just after it started in May and jumped in with two needles.  I’m on my fourth shawl, the Rune Shawl currently.    When I first signed up for the Society, I figured I would use up stash yarns.  I don’t have a large stash of yarn, but I do have some skeins that were irresistible at the time I bought them and that aren’t tied to a specific project.  I particularly fond of hand dyes by Lisa Sousa and Serendipidye yarns.  I typically buy them two at a time, so there is enough for a shawl or socks.

Anyway, my first three shawls, pictured above, were from stash.  The July project (Vila Wrap) is made with yarn I got while we were in Norway a few years ago.  I thought I would make some mittens with it  I have a few patterns from Natalia Moreva , but around here there isn’t much need for hand warmers.  The Vila Wrap used up most of the three skeins I had.  I made it a column thinner as I was about 100 yards short, but it is still a good size.  The yarn is a bit “crunchy” and I am hoping when I soak and block it, it will bloom and soften.

This months Shawl is Rune.  I did buy four skeins of Alpaca Cloud Fingering weight from KnitPicks for it.  They were on sale, and the colors are deep and saturated.  Plus Alpaca is one of my favorite yarns to wear and knit.  I started this project late last week, and although its relatively simple, I messed up a bit on the center lace motifs in a few different places.  I ripped it and started over, last night I got back to where I was, 20% done.  I’m happy with it now.


Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for the first Knitting Report today.