This week has flown by for me.  I looked at the date this morning and realized it is Friday.  I wanted to participate in Design Wall Monday and then it was Wednesday.  I had a head cold all week, and the weather outside was uninviting, so nothing left to do but stay in and sew.


I got 5 quilts bound and finished,  got lots done on my Fen Sprite shawl, I straightened up my sewing room a bit, I worked on quilting my Gardeners Alphabet top, and I decided to make a quilt to enter in PIQF this year.   This last activity is a first for me.  I got the PIQF pamphlet in the mail in Monday, I already knew there weren’t any classes I wanted to take, but I looked through it any way. In the middle there are entry forms and the contest rules.  This years theme is “Every Day”, and there is a Modern quilt contest for “Mid Century Modern”.

I am beginning on a home remodeling project this summer on my home.  Its a 1960’s ranch home that has been remodeled a few times (too many styles mashed together).  I want to bring back some of its original 60’s charm.  The clean lines of Mid Century Modern really appeal to me.  I have been trolling Pinterest daily for ideas and trends of that era.  So when I saw the MCM quilt theme, I suddenly had ideas and colors popping into my head faster than I could write them down.  There is an artist I saw on Etsy, who had some prints and cards of a MCM style that really caught my eye.  I emailed her about using them as inspiration for my quilt and she was enthusiastic about it. Yay!  I quickly sat down and ordered fabric.  This week is going to be for working out a pattern.  There will be curves ahead, and avocado green and turquoise too.  I’m excited!