I started quilting my Fire Island Hosta this week.  I started out the week finishing the True Blue quilt, taking it off the frame, and laying the RWB crossed star quilt on the frame.  I left the RWB thread, that matched perfectly, on a table beside it.  While I was getting the pantograph programed, so it would be ready to go the next day, the dog came into the room and left in a few minutes.  I shut everything down and closed up the studio for the day.  Later I noticed the dog was chewing on something, yep, the perfect thread spool.  More than half of it was off the spool in a tangle and what was left on the spool was dirty and wet with dog spit.  I ordered another online, but it wasn’t going to get here until Wednesday.  So I took the next quilt in line for quilting, the Fire Island Hosta.  FIH with borders

I finished this top back in August 2015.  Since then I have seen quite a few in shows and gotten lots of quilting ideas.  I also purchased a digital quilting pattern for it.  I thought I would try my hand at placing the quilting motifs on it and stitching them out.  After a few hours of fiddling around I gave up on that idea.  There were too many places that the designs weren’t going to fit, and I couldn’t figure out how to make them fit in.  I am able to do it with square and diamond shapes, but the curved and pie shaped pieces are above my expertise at this time.  Plus I didn’t want to mess up my top, its all batik fabric, which isn’t happy about having quilted stitches frogged out.  I got out all my curved rulers, and marking pens and started quilting.  Everything has to be done four times, and there are eight curved inserts.  Once I do a section, I take a photo, and move on the the next.  That way when I advance the quilt, I don’t have to roll back to see what I did.

I’m hoping to finish this weekend, we’ll see.

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