RWB Star Crossed Rainbow

I finished putting the Star Crossed Rainbow top together on Saturday.  Once the blocks were together it went rather quickly.  My 1/4 inch seams must be generous, because my blocks measured 1/4 inch too small.  I think it was because of the pinked edges on the strips.  I “should” have done a test block and measured it, and realigned my sewing line accordingly.  Since all of my blocks were the same size I simply altered the size of the solid colored blocks.  Everything fit together well in  the end.


I used Myra’s (Busy Hands Quilts) free pattern “Star Crossed Rainbow” from her  Etsy shop .  Instead of forty different colors I used twenty, and made two sets of them.  I hope to have this quilted and ready to go by the end of the month.  It is to be a gift for some very dear friends on the occasion of their anniversary, which is on July 4th.

I’ve ben plugging along on the True Blue quilt.  *Note to self: 8 inch wide end to end patterns can look just as nice as 6 inch wide ones, especially on a king size quilt.  Each row takes about twenty minutes to sew.  This quilt is 100 inches long, which means sixteen and a half rows, which means about six hours of continuous quilting.  That doesn’t take into account, thread breaks, bobbin changes or operator errors.  If I had made the rows 8 inches wide instead, I could have reduced that time to four plus hours.  Its a learning process 🙂


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  1. Wow – your Star Crossed Rainbow quilt top is beautiful. The center star has some movement to it, don’t you think? It may be an optical illusion but it reminds me of pixels moving. It is so nice! I wonder how you are going to quilt it? ~smile~

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