Thicket Two

I had a productive week this week.  Early morning sewing seems to be the key for me.  Once my DH leaves for work, I’m free to stitch away an hour or two.  I finished the pinwheel border around the triangle quilt.  I have not thought of a name for it yet though, “Triangle quilt” is rather generic.

While surfing quilting blogs, I came across this one by Thelma at Cupcakes ‘n Daisies .  She made a smaller and different version of the Thicket quilt I made last year, in this post Thickets and Butterflies .  I had a fair amount of left over pieces from this quilt, including the panels with the large animal pictures.  I liked her idea of adding a bit of color.  I added a dark purple with black and white daisies to the mix of black and white.  I had a bunch of already made 4 ½ inch blocks, so I kept with that size and made more.  It went together quickly, and I think I’m going to use up the remainder of the background I used for the first Thicket quilt. The white dots and stripes will fill in if there’s not enough and be binding.  Also I can retire the rest of the left overs to the scrap bin, as there are very few, yay!

I’ve been knitting every night on my Fairy Hill Shawl, up to row 60 or so, about 25% done.  About to start into the more lacy section.

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