A little bit of this and that

Vacation was nice, I think I needed to get away.  We went to London, England.  The weather was okay, we went to some of the tourist-y  places and lots of pubs.  Also I made my DH go with me to Liberty.  It was an interesting place, a department store actually, but in a tudor style.  I could have spent a few hours there, wandering, through the housewares, clothing and even jewelry.  There were stairs at one end and a central opening on each floor that looked down to the first.  Fabric was on the fourth floor along with the haberdashery.  All the bolts were on shelves on the perimeter of the large space, and there were smaller rooms, through doors, that surrounded the large space.  Big comfy husband chairs were strategically placed about too.  The smaller rooms had yarn, notions, patterns, and quilting cottons.  In the main area there were lawns, wools (oh so pretty) silks, upholstery and cottons.  All beautifully colored and printed, it was hard to make a choice.  I got two meters of a lawn print that I hope to make a summer shirt out of.  The fabric was cut for me, then wrapped in tissue and placed in a lovely purple bag.

Back at home, I’m recovering from the eight hour time difference, and sewing.  I made the borders for the Farmers Wife’s quilt, 2 ½ inch squares sewn together and the solid green outer ones.  It looks like its done to me, and ready to go to the “TBQ” pile.  I also got the Catkin quilt borders straightened out.  The wavy ones were about three inches too long, now they lay flat.  I am hoping to get to quilting it this week.

Next up is a quilt for my eldest DS.  He got new furniture for his bedroom this past year, in teal and dark wood.  The quilt I made for him when he first went to Boston, is too small for his bed.  He liked the pattern “Stair Bender” by Christopher Florence.  The same designer who made the “Labyrinth Walk” pattern.  I’m planning on making it in teals, white, grey and black.  It’ll be A-“mazing” lol.


This weeks goal is to finish the Fancy Forest quilt top.  Got the Allie Owls finished up yesterday.  They look angry to me, or intense, I may have to add some sparkle to them,  happy eyebrows, or white dots to the eye.


I left the thistle blocks for last, they seem the easiest.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for design wall Monday.

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    • Thanks, I enjoy a challenge, and if I say it enough, it’ll be true LOL. I have not read through the pattern instructions yet, but it is mostly strip piecing.

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