Working on a project for me

I am working on finishing my version of The Farmers Wife 1930’s quilt.  The blocks have been done for months (8/16), the sashing fabric has been bought and stowed, and the idea of how to put it together has formed.  I started it yesterday, and I like it so far.  The Apple green solid is very refreshing in-between the blocks.  I am having fun with the little corner stones and setting blocks, in picking out one that doesn’t match the block it’s near.  This quilt is for me, I don’t particularly like the thirties fabrics or pastel colors, but there is an appeal for me.  The setting that is shown in the book is with white setting triangles and a border, too many bias edges for me.  My blocks are on point, but the sashing stabilizes them, and all those edges and seams have a place to lay flat.


The top is on the left, so my blocks will face the right direction.

For the past two months I’ve been working on three commission quilts.  They are for a company in NY, and will hang in their conference room.  Its been a good learning experience for me, in a good way.  I got the confer with architects and building designers, plus branding designers.  So much goes into the making of an office that once was an open space in a large old building.  It made me feel like a professional too.  I had my first ever conference calls, I was shipping out samples and proposals, and having people genuinely interested in the quilting process.  Phew, art can be a lot of work.  The quilts are done and ready to ship, just waiting on the final word from the designers.


Before I quilted the commissioned pieces, I wanted to finish up my Catkin quilt.  I was doing a digital motif in the blocks and a ribbony thing in the sashing and borders.   Simple enough, it was looking pretty good too.  I got to the last advance and the backing was too short, not an inch or two, but a full ten inches.  I don’t know what was going on the day I sewed that backing together, it’s a square, so I didn’t mount it wrong.  I took it off the frame and added more to the backing.  Luckily I had some of the same gray I used originally.   So that’s going back on soon. That quilt is on my finish pile this year, it was a Scraptastic mystery quilt that I participated in May 2015.  I think I’m going to fix the borders before I go any further with the quilting, looking at this picture, they are a bit wavey.


Lastly, this guy is growing like a weed.  He’s five months old today, and just over 50 pounds.


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