Design Wall Monday

Got my “Catwalk” quilt top done last night.  I can see though, I need to redo two seams where the intersecting blocks don’t quite line up.  I was in a hurry (famous last words!) to get the final section attached and didn’t pin the seam as much as I should have.  Should only take a half an hour or so.


I got my “new” design wall set up this weekend.  My youngest son is at ASU, so his room is unused right now, it has a nice blank wall with great natural lighting.  I put up a row of removable stick-on hooks and found a bunch of big binder clips and presto! a place to hang tops and completed quilts.  I can even leave them up for display LOL.

Next up is the monthly challenge, my #3, Dragon wall hanging.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for “Design Wall Monday” today.